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Hi all! I will be going to Cambodia from Vietnam again, probably by bus. I want a 6 month "ordinary/business" visa. Do I need to 1st get the 1 month and then extend it or can I get the 6 month from the beginning? I was thinking perhaps I could go to a Cambodian embassy if they have one in Ho Chi Minh. Any advice?

The normal route is to get a one month "Ordinary" visa which will cost US$ 35.
This is extended easily for three, six or 12 months at various rates when you are in Cambodia. I am not sure if this is availableat the bus crossing as I obtained mine at the airport. Perhaps someone esle can advise the availability at the bus crossing point.

Just make sure that you don't get a tourist visa that cannot be extended for the six months that you want.

I am fairly (99.9%) certain that if you are wanting an "ordinary' visa (Cambodian government identification as an "E" visa often called  'ordinary' and NOT repeat NOT a "tourist" or their identified "T" visa) you can only at first, initially receive an "E" visa that is valid for thirty days upon your entry to Cambodia and that first or initial "E" visa does not permit any out or return, border crossing from Cambodia - but it then WILL allow you to request or permit you (via an agent (no need for you personally or physically do the work)) extending 90 days, but again with the 90 day extention visa there is NO in or out or the crossing of the Cambodia border,--  or if - when you request/get a six (6) or twelve (12) month extention of an "E"  visa that does permit or allows in and out crossing Cambodian borders as many time and as often times as you desire. **** If I have said this once I have said this a couple of dozen times ---- When entering Cambodia Immigration for the first time and getting your first visa for an extended stay - if wanting the "ordinary" non tourist visa - when they hand you that visa, do not move a muscle until you have looked and seen and have ENSURED THAT THE NUMBER IS E-###### and not REPEAT NOT a T-######  because if it is a ""T" number and once you step outside immigration - it will be a hassle because you will now have to physically, you yourself, no agent to do a border run, an out of Cambodia and return back in Cambodia just to once again to file and get an "E" visa - in other words a pain in the butt and a waste likely of your first $35 USD. You are now forewarned - WELCOME!!!!

Thank you for the info! I will leave VN by bus as I did many times before. In the past the person on the bus never asked what kind of visa I wanted and always collected everyone's passports and just got a T visa. I hope they will do the E visa on makong express.

The point is that YOU have to tell them that you want an ORDINARY visa.
If you leave it up do the guy on the bus you will get a torist visa that you cannot extend for six months

where can I extend my ordinary visa for $40 in Phnom Penh without going to the immigration myself. Lucky wants $47, please help.

Tell me where you can extend a ordinary visa for $40 for one month, everybody quote $47. Cambodia visa services and Lucky. It is one thing to quote prices but not helping if you can,t say where.

$40 is the official price. I assume you don't expect the agencies to work for you for free, right?

$7 for a service fee, nice and easy money

Let's see... Moto trip to your house to pick up the passport, moto trip to immigration, moto trip back to their office, then another moto trip to immigration, back to your house to bring you the passport, and back to their office. Filling in of the visa form, plus waiting time at immigration twice.
$7 is more than adequate.
If you don't agree, save the $7 and do everything yourself...

Hannes3 - yeah many say that - So please do it yourself. My money is on that if ya gotta do another extension - you are gonna be willing to pay twice that not to do it again yourself! It is called live and learn  :)

Point made, point taken. Relax now and comment about something else.

I currently have a 12 month visa which expires in early July. - July 3rd. Visa obtained by my company.

I need to be in Vietnam for a wedding in late June returning to Cambodia on 27th June.

Does this leave sufficient time to have a renewal of the visa and how long will my I be parted from my passport?

Normally three business days if ya have and agent do it for you. If ya wanna go to PP and do it yourself, an afternoon or morning.

Jeff many thank for the reply  it seems that I have enough time when I come back from Vietnam

where is the immigration department in PP? for xtending my ordinary visa

For heavens sake ANY travel agency can do that takes about 5 days 172 st at Siawath , 1 street in opposite a pharmacy store is a restaurant and a guest house there i have renewed mine and family 3 times !

Hi! is it allowed to buy oneway ticket if i i want to get a business visa. im from philippines

Hi. Yes it is however. Your phil country may give you a problem leaving ... They r famous for hassling young women and causing them to lose their plane ticket by questioning them for a long period ..... If you take a flight get there in Phil 2.5 hours early and go through customs IMMEDIATELY   MAKE SURE if u have a boyfriend  from elsewhere that he is there with u if possible!  When you do arrive in Cambodia Make sure you get the OrdinARY VISA AT THE AIRPORT! Any ? More Pm  Paul

I've heard you need an invitation from an employer to get the Ordinary Visa now, is that true?


Express visa services , please inbox me for quote ,

Are you allowed to bring in a car to Cambodia if you move there permanently?

Can you do multiple one month extensions on the business visa?

Sure you can. Whether that's advisable is a different question, as one visa extension consumes a whole page in your passport.

The immigration department has become much better recently. There's really no need to use travel agencies any longer, since those usually charge almost $100 commission for an annual visa.

I am an expat in Philippines.  I want to come to Cambodia. I want a visa that will let me stay for 3 months. Please any advice on the type of visa I should apply for?

Get an ordinary visa at the airport. This will be valid for 30 days but can be extended easiliy by a travel agent or direct from the immigration dept. when you are here in Cambodia. N.B. An ORDINARY visa not a Tourist VISA.

Y'all be careful when telling the newbie types coming in for the first time...  of the visas here.... Makes sure ya clear between a "Tourist"... "T" visa and and "ordinary" or "E"  (also sometimes referred to as a "business visa") If that ain't confusing enough... heaven forbid don't say or even mention the 'evisa' ... as it will then be confused with "E" visa versus the electronic visa (evisa) - Now even I am confused and I know what I am saying! LOL

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