Hi everybody !

I'm peruvian girl. I live in B.A at the moment. I'd like to meet foreigners here. We can go around the city together.

See you!

Hello Anaid Pe pe,

So what do you do in Buenos Aires?

How is life there?


Hello!  How are you?
Currently I live in B.A. Really it's very expensive to live in Argentina.

See you later!

Anaid Pe pe.

Do you want to live here? Where are you from, Yuveshen?

Hello Anaid Pe pe,

I am a member of Expat-Blog team.

It would be nice if you can share with all the members on the forum a bit about life in Argentina.  :)

Thank you for sharing with us your information.  ;)

I understand now... Yeah, I wanted to share it with you guys! :D

Thank you!

Anaid Pe pe.

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