Will move to Buenos Aires to work as Au pair.Seeking friends

Hola a todos! I am Grace, from Kenya. I will be relocating to Argentina in a few months time for work as an Au Pair, and it would be a great pleasure to make friends in advance that could be really helpful in learning more about Buenos Aires and embracing a totally different culture.

Hope to hear from you soon :))

Grace xx

hello Grace
I don´t live in buenos aires, in fact I live 800 km from buenos aires, but I go there very often,
I would like to offer any help you may can count on me.

Thank you Maria,

I was hoping to make a few English-speaking friends in anticipation for my move to Buenos Aires

Well we can chat in english if you want....

but I am not english,,,sorry

That would be great, thanks

Hello all :)

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Kenjee Team

Hey there, i am living in Buenos Aires, contact me if you need any help.

Thank you Ayman, will definitely do that

Hi there I live in BA let me know if u need anything. Besos

Thank you Paula. I should be moving in the next 3/4 months, and will definitely keep in touch

Hello there!!
Wow, Kenia!! I´d love to exchange languages and cultures with you, i knew some people from Africa, but no Kenia.
Any thing you may need, ask me.

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