Moroccan guy, also new at this blog! I am lost!!

I am Ilyas, I had arrived to B.A around 1 month ago and I am living with my argentinean girlfriend, who is actually the owner of this account hehehe.
I would like to meet some pple to improve my spanish and in case there are some connationals it would be great!!
ARE THERE ANY MOROCCANS IN ARGENTINA?? Also i have many questions about getting a job..if anyone know about anything please let me know!
I am currently living at Caseros in BS As and learnign how to move on the city, so if some one wants to catch up just let me know!!

Hello noe_jbj. :)

Here is the list of Moroccan expatriates in Buenos Aires.

Concerning the job, can you please tell us more about your professional background?

Thank you,

Hi there,

I am learning Spanish and fascinated about Argentina. Right now, I am a university professor of computer science, I want to know if there are teaching jobs available in Argentina?

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