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Hello, everyone,

We currently live in Dubai and are planning to move to Phnom Penh in a few month, due to my husband's new job assignment.
Our son is in Year 7 and daughter in Year 5.
We are checking international schools in Phnom Penh and International School of Phnom Penh (ISSP) and Northbridge School of Cambodia seems quite good.

Does anyone have children in those schools?
If you do, will you please share your view and experience in those schools?
ISSP's new campus seems a bit far from the city center. Does anyone have troubles in sending and receiving children to/from the city center (We know our apartment will be in BKK 1.)?

Thank you very much for your kind support.

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I hope you got responds rapidly from other members.

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Hi I have similar situation like you looking for international school. I have found some Russian school and thinking to apply for that it is within Russian embassy cost per month 100 USD

We live near Northbridge School. Current travel time between St. 271 and the school during rush hour approx. 1 hour due to construction. If they fail to complete the construction before the rainy season starts..... big mess!!!

As for equipment, facilities, quality of teaching, I've never heard anything bad about either Northbridge or ISPP. Where Northbridge clearly fails is to teach values. Lots of Cambodian rich kids there, who show no respect for others...

Wow, one hour! Thank you very much for the useful information. We will definately keep take them into consideration  when we arrive and make a decision!

Hi WestRiver - I work at Northbridge School and I'd definitely say it's worth a look!

The road construction is coming on well by the school - about two thirds done now. My travel time to school from riverside is usually about 30 minutes (although rush hour is bad everywhere in Phnom Penh, fortunately school finishes at 3pm!) and there's also a school bus service which collects students in town. The school is now part of the Nord Anglia Education family of schools and has a beautiful green campus that is worth the travel.

We'd love to show you around, discuss your requirements and see if our school meets your children's needs. Please give Mel Ireland in our Admissions office a call - 855 89 465 352 (international calls) / 089 465 352 (local calls) and we'll be happy to help.

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l studied in ISPP from 2003-2012 (graduated high school) I'm not sure how convenient the location is cause I studied at the old campus. In terms of experience I enjoyed it, I love how the diverse culture is and learning various languages and culture is exciting! The different nationalities of the teachers has really helped in giving perspective to students and has trained us to become open-minded. In terms of language, If English is not your first language then it will give you many chances to boost your confidence and they will really focused on your development.
I love how small the the number of students are in each grade, it really gives you a chance to get to know each other and become a solid team.
The advantage of ISPP is IB, I know NISC is working on it but I'm not sure now if they are fully accredited but ISPP is ahead in experiencing IB and will really give you many opportunities around the world for your chosen field.
It's hard to say about the rich cambodian kids, every grade has it and there are different kind of people but in my classes they were very accommodating and helpful both academics and daily life in Cambodia.

If you have any questions about ISPP.. Will be glad to help out anyway I can.

Hi Yabsasful

Northbridge (NISC) is a fully-accredited IB World School. The same as ISPP, we have the Primary Years, Middle Years and Diploma Programmes.

Northbridge is part of the Nord Anglia Education family - our students have the opportunity to collaborate with classes at other Nord Anglia schools around the world via the Global Campus. This takes place online and also in person - a group of our students recently took part in a service trip to Tanzania and three students have been selected to attend a special music summer camp in New York with the Julliard Foundation.

Choosing a school is an important decision, and once you've done some research, the best way to work out which place is right for your family is to visit, spend time on campus, meet teachers and students, ask questions and assess if your families' needs will be met.

Let me know if I can be of any further help!

Hello, How much is  the tuition fee per month in ISPP?

it depends on what grade but i believe kinder garden and preschool is from $5000-$7000 then the higher grades is from $10000-$21000


Hi Westriver,

I was in Dubai for 8 years before but now will be moving to Phnom Penh next month. Planning to bring my daughter, grade 7, along but I would check first the school and situation there. After doing some research, the best ones for me would be CIA First International School and Zaman. We would be living in BKK1 too, so let's keep in touch :).

Are you already in Phnom Penh now by the way? How is the safety and convenient for raising kids? Nothing safer than Dubai at the moment for me...I'm a bit worry bringing my kid to live there to be honest... :S

Do many people in Cambodia send their children to the UK for their senior education?

In terms of value for money, I am following a different strategy.

On the one side, I put my kids part-time or half part-time in a private but rather Cambodian than international school (100-200 USD/month/kid).

That avoids the "bad influence" issue of my kids possibly picking up the mentality of unmanageable rich-kid brats with an impossible sense of entitlement, or else the freewheeling and licentious attitudes to otherwise meaningless sex that western kids are likely to bring with them. Cambodian girls of the better background and pedigree want to stay virgins until marriage, and that is the mentality that I prefer my daughter to adopt as well. What's the point anyway in morphing into someone's sex relief doll at the age 14? With all the grudges that it brings, that only turns the girls into bitter feminists.

On the other side, I do the real academic investment by hiring a private tutor, with whom I discuss the subjects to take on with the kids (500-1000 USD/month).

From there, the curriculum should tailored to what I believe makes sense to teach, while taking into account the personal interests of the kids, as they will most likely develop when confronted with the subjects and materials.

At the moment, they are just picking up the alphabet. So, that is rather simple to roll out. ;-)

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