VISA process from india to Kuwait

Dear Team members,


I got a job in Kuwait and shortly i will receive my VISA from the sponsor company.

I will like to know that what are the processes i have to undergo in india before flying and how much time it will take?

One more thing that i would like to know that the name on my passport is Nileshkumar and on rest all documents it is just Nilesh, so would it create a problem?

Thank you all in advance for your Views and advice.

You have to attest your degree certificate from Ministry of HRD, foreign ministry and Kuwait embassy Delhi (ask your HR whether attestation is required or not). You will have to find an agent (BSL, AFSAR), they will do it for you, and they will charge Rs7000-10000.
You have to apply the PCC through passport office website, you can pay the PCC fee through online, you can go to the passport office any day for PCC before 11 AM.  You will get the PCC in a same day, if your present and passport address is same, remember the validity of PCC is 3 months. You will have to submit Photostat copy of your passport, offer letter and HR letter (email). Don't forget to bring original documents, they will see the original docments.
After getting the VISA and contract paper  from the employer of the Kuwait  you will have to go one of the GAMCA(medical) center in your city for medical test. In a same day you will get the report.
After getting all the documents and reports  you will have to send all the documents ( PCC,medical report, visa, contract, two passport size photo) to the agent for visa stamping, it will take maximum 15 days, they will charge for Rs7000.
5) You will require finger print certificate also, police commissioner offer will issue the finger print certificate and it will take 15-20 days’ time

Should not be a problem but better to check with your company HR person.
Please let me know your experience, domain and how much salary they offer you so I can tell you how much you will have to spend here for surviving decent life.

Thank you,

The PCC is done before getting VISA or after we get the VISA? I got the offer of 200KD + Accommodation + meal + Transportation. As I am fresher & single so, i think this salary is sufficient.

Sir, is it compulsory to the do the process through agent? If, yes than can you please provide any contact of Agent from Mumbai?

Thank you once again sir

As PCC validity is 3 months so wait for the visa after that apply pcc. It takes just one day if your  passport office is same where you got your passport.If they will provide accommodation then it is okay , but make sure from the employer that  what kind of accommodation they will provide.Medical should be given by employer and you should get travel allowance to India every year or two, minimum leave should be 21-25 days in a year.
please let me know your qualification and domain so i can suggest you how much you should get. If I am not wrong kd 200 is very poor salary even you are a fresher and comany will provide accommodation.

I attested my certificate through  a Delhi base agent ,they are very reliable. If you go by your self it will take long time.

Yes, they are providing sharing (Me + 1) based accommodation and air tickets (first from India to Kuwait, after one year one side and after two year both side air ticket) will be provided for company. I am MBA and my domain is Al-jahra.

I am from Mumbai and my current location is Uttarakhand. so to travel from Mumbai (Will go to mumbai for PCC) to Delhi (Kuwait Embassy) will be quite tough. However if I catch a agent from Delhi, what will be the charge and total expense?

No need to travel from Mumbai to Delhi. I am giving you a phone no of an agent , call them they will tell you what  need  be done. You have to currier your original certificate  to them, it will take 10 days time. They will charge Rs10000.You can find an agent in Mumbai. I again tell you KD 200 is very poor salary. Try to  negotiate I am sure they will increase. But I suggest you not to come here on kd 200. It is worthless and you will regret. Gather exprience in India then come here on good salary.


Ok, I will tell them to increase the salary. But my VISA in under process so, should i negotiate the salary after i get the VISA? And how much salary, according to you should i ask?

You can ask increase your salary  before or after getting the visa but I suggest you to ask immediately. KD500+accommodation.

Dear Man1234,

Thank you very much for your advice and guidance, as per your advice I negotiated my salary but they didn’t agreed at 500KWD but I managed to 350KWD + Individual Accommodation + Transportation + Food+ Yearly round trip air ticket. I know this is also less but I think this is OK for startup.  ;)

Thank you once again  :thanks:  !!!

Hello nileshtks,

  Have you received your work visa or are you still waiting? I saw your first post published in February. Thank you

Yes friend, I received my VISA in the month of May, 2015.. :-)

Now I am here in kuwait from last two months


Thank you. So this means that it took you about three months to get your work visa?  Did you do your medicals back home before moving to Kuwait?

I received my VISA in three months, there are many employees who get the VISA in one month as well. so VISA processing time varies. And about the medical, one has to undergo the first medical in his home country as it is one of the compulsory process to get visa stamped on Passport.


Thank you

Well Congrats Nilesh for your new assignment!

I am also waiting for the VISA and after looking at your experience it seems a long way to go :)


:proud Thax sunny,

where are you going to join in Kuwait?


Will be joining an Oil & Gas Company

Great Sunny, All the best!!!  :)

Hi Nilesh,

Trust you are doing well & enjoying there!

I have an offer for Kuwait for KD 500+accommodation+transport, is it sufficient to survive, what will be the basic expenses for food and others.

Your response will be helpful to take decision.


Hello krishna,

Good to hear you and congratulations for your offer!!!

If you are fresher, than this salary is manageable :-) What about food and other benefits? Because you will spend 40-60 KWD if you will cook at home and 80-100 KWD if you have you entire food outside in restaurant(in low grade restaurant you can spend 30-50 KWD for one month but they are not at all hygienic, it may cost to health). Miscellaneous expense depends on you.

At last I THINK u can save 300-350 per month. (I THINK  ;) )


Hello am an anesthesiologyst
Got an offer from big hospital
What's the procedure there after
My agent didn't tell me about this certificate stamping all these
Can you please describe what's the exact procedures

Dear @Sankara,

After you get visa the following is the process:

1) PCC, 2) Medical from Khadamat, 3) Visa stamping from Kuwait embassy (for visa stamping you need to submit original medical report, PCC, passport and visa all in original), 4) After you get stamped passport you can ask employer to book the flight ticket.


Hey brother.. I was selected in kccec Company in kuwait on date of 15 June 2017.. I already recieved my offer letter but still I didn't get the Visa.. how many I should be wait because it's almost 2 months is finished.

What is PCC
WHAT IS khadmat


It dependent on the action of the GRO (Mandoop) of the particular organization. LOL
Generally if all goes on time it takes 1 to max 1 and half months. But in some cases it takes 3 months and if ignored it may take 6 months also. Just keep following up.


PCC - Police clearance Certificate
Khadamat - Its the medical institute where you have to go for medical test for visa stamping for Kuwait.


My Kuwait employer confirmed that my Visa is approved (when checked online). He told me to wait for another one week for printing and issue of the same. The entire process took 2 months.

Hope it takes only a weeks time ?

How much time it will require to get PCC
is visa in original required to get PCC??
What is the medical fitness tests
Where do there
Is it very tough??
Am a doctor 👨‍⚕️ what tests do they will require

Hello friend.
I have job offer for kuwait and i hav to be get offer letter in last week .
It says need attested degree certificate and how many days get to visa time and then which process? And how many days total time to flying yo kuwait.
Please help me.
Company spinsor visa. Don't spinsor air ticket so


You need several attestations for Kuwait Visa.
Pl visit the site mentioned below for the details: … rvices.php

I have seen the requirements above for getting visa. Is it compulsory to attest degree ? You have mentioned only 3 documents requirement  1. PCC  2. Medical 3. Visa. There is no need of degree attestation and other stuff?

Hi frnd these is Vicky I have got an job in Kuwait where all salary is 250 kd basic and 75 kwd accommodation wld give every month is it managble and save as rent and food is all on my end kindly help me before I submitt pcc and other things

Hi All,

How long will it take to get Kuwait work visa? My hubby, he got an offer from a Kuwait company, and its more than 6 weeks, till now it seems that visa is under process. Following up with the HR, and getting  back the same reply...Under process. Initially they told  that it will take only 3- 4 weeks.
Dont know what to do? Is there someone who works with Kuwait government?

Dont have any visa application id. How to check the status online..

Guys pls help...

it may takes 3 months some times but u make sure that the company and HR personal are authentic and not doing any fraud. have patients Best of luck .

Thanks devil of the wheel for the reply.

Company is one of the top 2nd one in Kuwait and they have provided us the job agreement letter. So again will they be fraud??

we never know !

Rule of thumb, if you have been asked to pay money for either the company or the HR its definitely scam.
Good luck

Nooo...there was no money business in this....


Hmmm... Fingers crossed....

Is the education qualification document attestation must before we fly to Kuwait
Actually the visa process over including stamping but my degree attestation didn’t completed
Is am ready to fly or I have to wait here in India till my degree is get back to me

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