I really need help, advice so if you can help me somehow please

I'm Eniko, Hungarian girl from Romania. I want to move to London to look for a job.
I don't have any family member living there so I don't have where to stay, so I need help how I can rent a room, where I can find accommodation. I really need help, advice so if you can help me somehow please write me.
Sorry if my message bothered you.
Thank you :)

I might can help u getting settle in ireland. What u think of it.

Hello Eniboda,

I appreciate Mudassar;s kind offer to help you settle in the UK.

There is a word of warning too. The net is full of people who are looking for opportunity to force young and desperate innocent girls from eastern Europe into nasty crimes prostitution and selling drugs. Our legal system is such designed that the law enforcement authorities are often helpless since  witnesses are often threaded while appearing in a court and criminals walk away due to lack of evidence.

I do not want to exaggerate the issue. UK is full of individuals and families who will go out of their way to help you. I wish you good luck. :)

I would suggest you to find accommodation through You will find lot of families offering accommodation and food on very good terms.

Before you leave your country you MUST look for a job firstly  via web sites. Do you know about websites offering jobs?  Do you need some advice ?

Take a look at this I think it can help you

No problem. Contact me if you still need help.

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