Dear Elane,
here is a good lawyer expert ,speaks English,of course will help you,he has licence of law and master degree of law in France.
Hany Elhalwany : xxx
tell him you are calling regarding recommendation of Mohamed Khamis.
Im sorry to hear your story ,uneducated people making the image of our country look horrible.

if you need any help contact me at xxx,I live in sweden ,I have also law background as my mother is lawyer retired and dont speak English.


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Hi everyone,

M.Khamis, could you please recommend the professional you mentioned in the Legal services in Egypt section of the business directory ?

Members will easily find the contact details in case they need them and of course don't hesitate to recommend by clicking on "thumb up".

Thanks in advance,

Hi i have a good lawyer if your still after ine. But if you find a good pPI, let me know i maybe interested as well.
Message me and ill provide you with the details of a lawyer and he is very fair with prices

An orfi marriage means nothing...it is a piece of paper used by Egyptian men to have the right to be 'seen with' a tourist...and to satisfy dodgy flat owners to allow them to get a place to have sex. ..you don't need to 'get out' of an orfi marriage...if you had a copy you simply tear it up and get rid! If you don't have a copy...no problem...your 'husband' well and truly took your money and you 'for a ride' simply message him and tell him where to go!...

I found this forum when looking up about an urfi/orfi wedding.  I'm with an Egyptian man who said he wishes to marry me. He doesn't live in Eygpt but in Europe where he's awaiting a status decision as to whether he'll legally be allowed to remain in France or not as an immigrant.  I pretended to know nothing about this type of wedding when I asked him if we married would it be this type of wedding and he said it would.  Essentially he wishes to marry me in the Egyptian Embassy in Paris.  He told me he was married before to a highly abusive Moroccan woman who beat him often which made me feel heartbroken. I've been with someone before like that who I left immediately. Now he says he divorced her for obvious reasons but I'm not sure I want to marry him in this way. I've known him for over 7 years. Any advice on how I should proceed would be much appreciated.  Thanks, Hannah 😊

Since you are not sure you want to marry him in this way then don't. Don't get committed if you are hesitant. Get to know him in person very well. Long distance relationships need extra effort.

Hi Hannah

Urfi marriage contracts have no legal standing in the France or any EU country or the US or for that matter outside the Muslim country they are made in and little legal standing in Muslim countries where they are made.

So if you live in France then having an Urfi marriage contract means nothing in France and has no legal standing what so ever.

Urfi contracts in Egypt are viewed as not being proper marriages ... viewed as secret marriages ... they are mostly used by couples who want to stay in a hotel rooms together and have sex ... and mostly used by Egyptian men who want to stay in a hotel with a western woman while she is on holiday.
They are also used by Arabs from other countries other than Egypt who are visiting and want to use the service of local prostitutes... The law in Egypt is strict and does not allow Muslim men and women to stay in hotel rooms or rent apartments with out being married and Urfi contracts are a way around this ... known locally as shagging papers

I have never heard of Urfi marriage contracts being performed in embassies .... maybe I am wrong but you should just make a phone call or email the embassy and tell them that an Egyptian man you met wants you to get an Urfi marriage contract with him in the embassy and is this service possible in the embassy?

Urfi contracts are usually provide by lawyers in Egypt .... and in Egypt they have little legal standing .. they are usually time limited, say 2 weeks or a month and are dissolved by either party saying I divorce you and tearing up the paper ... now some Egyptian men will try and use the contract to bully or intimidate a woman for money or control by saying it can stop her getting married to another man but a visit to a local lawyer soon shuts him up.

Urfi marriages are not government registered

You have not said what is the purpose of the Urfi marriage ... It will have no legal standing in either Egypt or France and only in Egypt for having sex while not legally married...

If his underlying reason to marry you is to help with his immigration issue then an Urfi marriage will not be any use ... If he wants to marry you (and you do not say what nationality you are and if you are not French it will complicate matters even more) he will have to do it in France under French law or leave the country and do it in Egypt, which I assume he does not want to do ... and to do this in France he will have get a letter from the Egyptian Embassy in France stating his marriage status either single or divorced and if divorced he will need a copy of the divorce papers.. and all theses documents will need to be translated and have apostille verification to render them valid foe use in France. Now, if he is still married or married to more than one woman (possible in Egypt) he will have to return to Egypt to get divorced.

If you have any more questions let me know



Hi there, I got married with 2 witnesses in an attorneys office. Attorney only gave one copy of the orfi contract and he kept it. After I came to my country I ve found out so many other women he is married with orfi contract and also so many online girlfriends. He is bringing girls one after other. I don’t have the contract only the picture of it. I know contract is not legal for authorities but can he go legalize it without me being there? Also I m thinking to go back to Egypt for vacation does he has any right over me? Like asking money or not letting me leave the country or if he sees me with somebody can he call adultery? We are talking right now Bc I busted his bezness and he black mailed me. I exposed him . Not sure if he destroyed the paper or not. Can you pls advise on my situation.. thanks

I meant we not talking right now***

Orfi means nothing
The only reason he has it is so he won't get arrested and put in prision for having sex with you ...
He has no rights over you
If he contacts you and looks for money just tell him you are getting a lawyer and you are going to make a report to the police for blackmail
If he continues go back to the lawyer or get another lawyer to contact him...
He will run ...
Contact me if you need further information

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