Dear Elane,
here is a good lawyer expert ,speaks English,of course will help you,he has licence of law and master degree of law in France.
Hany Elhalwany : xxx
tell him you are calling regarding recommendation of Mohamed Khamis.
Im sorry to hear your story ,uneducated people making the image of our country look horrible.

if you need any help contact me at xxx,I live in sweden ,I have also law background as my mother is lawyer retired and dont speak English.


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Hi everyone,

M.Khamis, could you please recommend the professional you mentioned in the Legal services in Egypt section of the business directory ?

Members will easily find the contact details in case they need them and of course don't hesitate to recommend by clicking on "thumb up".

Thanks in advance,

Hi i have a good lawyer if your still after ine. But if you find a good pPI, let me know i maybe interested as well.
Message me and ill provide you with the details of a lawyer and he is very fair with prices

An orfi marriage means is a piece of paper used by Egyptian men to have the right to be 'seen with' a tourist...and to satisfy dodgy flat owners to allow them to get a place to have sex. don't need to 'get out' of an orfi marriage...if you had a copy you simply tear it up and get rid! If you don't have a problem...your 'husband' well and truly took your money and you 'for a ride' simply message him and tell him where to go!...

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