Moving pets to iceland? Advice please?


so when i move to Iceland i would like to take my cat and my Staffordshire bull terrier dog with me.

But i have no idea on what this will cost. What will probably happen is the pets will be put into foster untill we are settled and then come back over to see family and bring pets back with us.

So has anyone any idea what will be needed and how much it will cost?

Both pets are up to date with vaccinations (No Rabies jab needed in the UK) and are very healthy.)

Im thinking pet passports will be needed and a health certificate to prove healthy around 10 days before travel but again no idea of costs and thats as far as my knowledge goes lol

Any information/advice is welcome x

Have you checked the other threads about pets here? One covers banned breeds, another discusses costs associated with paperwork and quarantine. It's not cheap, and according to MAST, you cannot import your dog anyway as it is on the ban list.


Hi Skunky,
I would like to ask if you already moved to Iceland, how it went with the pets?
Can you write some details/information about your experience?
I'm about to move to Iceland probably for a year so I would take my cat with me as well, but as I see it is not that easy... It would be nice to hear from someone who did it.
Thank you!

For a move of a year, you might want to consider letting your cat stay with a friend or family member unless you have money to burn. Have you checked the other threads on pet moves?

This one details some prices for example. It's not cheap and will take you quite a while.

thanks for the answer.
Yes I already checked the rules of importing pets, I know also the costs, but the thing is that make me worry most is the 4 week quarantine ... :(
I just wanted to hear some personal 'stories' if someone already took any pet with him/her, and have some experience.
I alwyas travel with the cat, it is not an option to leave her at home.

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