Importing pets in Iceland

I'm about to move in Iceland, and I'd like to transfer my two cats too. Is there some way I can save some money? I read the prices for the quarantine and they are soooo high! :(
Any help will be appreciated!
See you soon!

Hello amenofiiv :cheers:

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I invite you to browse through threads in our forum section : Moving to Iceland with pets, to gather some informations.


it's a government organization that handles this so there aren't competing quarantine locations. That's unfortunately the price you'll have to pay to import your pets.

Hi amenofiiv!
I would like to ask if you already moved to Iceland, how it went with the cats?
Can you write some details/information about your experience?
I'm about to move to Iceland probably for a year so I would take my cat with me as well, but as I see it is not that easy... It would be nice to hear from someone who did it.
Thank you!

I haven't yet moved, I'll do in September. Firstly me and after found job and house my pets. I don't know if you saw the site where is all written. Btw as soon I have some news I'll write here.
Surely it will be a long and expensive travel for them! The only thing I know is that is not permitted visiting pets during quarantine.
Hope to have news soon!

Thanks for the answer :)
I'm also planning to move in September, but I prefer do it once, together with the cat.
Ok, so visiting is not possible ... :( How can they expect us to leave an animal who lives with us, see us every day, for ONE MONTH in a totally unknown place without visiting it at least a few times... I don't understand :(

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