Working as a pharmacist (english speaker) - information?


I'm a portuguese pharmacist, I've worked for the last year here in Portugal but I'm recently unemployed and really looking forward to start a new experience.

Can someone tell me, please, if there are jobs in the pharmacy area, where I can start as a trainee and then, as I learn icelandic, "become" a pharmacist? Friends told me that in Germany, for example, it's possible to do that. But I've a preference for nordic countries.

Anyone working in the pharmaceutical industry or a laboratory could give me some advice? I speak english (lived for 3months in Scotland and I'm taking my CAE certificate), as well as basic spanish and french. But not icelandic (yet).

Thank you!

I've been working in medical software that involves the network of pharmacies, and my first thought is: it's not really an industry in such a small country!

Second though is that maybe the Icelandic medicine agency would be a place you can start for some more information.

The word for pharmacist in Icelandic is lyfjafræðingur.

To give you an idea of the size of the country, here's a list of ALL registered pharmacists: … a_Islandi/

google translate should be able to do some kind of job on this site to help you learn more about credential transfer.

As for job hunting, here are the job sections for two "major" (again, keep in mind the size of the country) pharmacy chains. Neither are currently looking for pharmacists though:

I am an American pharmacist interested in moving to Iceland.  Did you make the move?  Any advice for someone else making the move?

Thank you!

Hi there, ended up working in London instead ;) if you need any help regarding it, just let me know.

i am an engneering ,my name is boukhemis oualid i  have 28 years
i want to know you more

boukhemis oualid :

i am an engneering ,my name is boukhemis oualid i  have 28 years
i want to know you more

who are you trying to know more?

I am Anoop from India looking to work as a pharmacist in Iceland,,any one cab guide what are the procedure s to register as a pharmacist there..

Aparently the recruiter that i spoke to said to me that it wont be posible to find work in iceland if you are not from the eu and you must have an eu pasport ? Can anyone give me anny advise or who can help me to find a job I Am an Art director Graphicdesigner but also would not mind doing shop atending bartending even farmwork please if anyone can assist me.. We siting with an massive unemployment rate in my country Im a skilled hardworking person i can send you my website and cv kind regards

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