Animal-related opportunities in Iceland for a US vet tech?

Hello (or hallo ^_^) everyone!

My name is Amanda and I'm currently in my first year of study to become a veterinary technician. For this upcoming summer break we have to do a 300 hour externship at any place of our choosing. And the thing is, even though I've never actually been to Iceland, I love almost everything about the country. I've had an interest in it for a long time, and I'd LOVE to do something there.

I've tried researching animal-related jobs there but have come up with scant results.

Is there even such a place in Iceland where I could do an externship such as this? A few things though; I'm not fluent in Icelandic, would more than likely have to have housing provided along with SOME kind of income. I know this is probably a far-fetched thing to expect, but hey, I can dream. :)

Also, as I plan to move to Iceland someday, is there a demand for vet techs at all? Or is there even a good amount of animal-related jobs in general?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! ^_^

I'd say the first thing for you to know is that the word for vet in Icelandic is dřralŠknir. If you google that, there are tons of results that are vet offices(DřralŠkningastofa). You might try writing to some of them to find out if they do such a thing.

if you're able/interested/willing to work with larger animals, there are tons of sheep here, obviously. You'd probably not be based in RVK if you were to handle them.

you also could try asking this place if they've got ideas: … SP\Pg0.asp

it's sort of like an animal shelter that specializes in cats only. I figure you like cats based on your profile.

I don't personally know anyone in the profession in Iceland anymore, so I can't offer you anymore "inside" info, but I don't think it'd be a huuge problem for you to not be fluent in Icelandic. Almost everyone here speaks pretty good English, and a lot of the vets will probably have trained abroad anyway.

one more idea.. this is the icelandic vet association and although they've got very little info on their English website you might find they can help if you contact them. There are lists of veterinary clinics and the head vets for all the regions in the country:

ooh crazy coincidence... I'm studying veterinary medicine in dublin, ireland and recently though that Iceland might be an interesting place to work. Mostly because I love sheep. If I come across anything I'll let you know... strongly considering emailing that cat place for a work experience placement! I emailed the vet association pretty much just saying hi, whats the job situation like, maybe they'll be bored enough to email me back. Anyways good luck with the vet tech-ing! Maybe see ya there someday :P

I've been meaning to get back on here and say thank you to ECS for taking the time to reply and give me those suggestions! So thank you!! :)

I actually did contact Kattholt, and they are very nice people but it's only a shelter (they take their animals to an off-site vet practice) so a vet tech wouldn't have much to practice there. It would probably be a great place to just volunteer at in general though!

The vet association actually did respond to me giving me a few ideas, and one vet facility did say they could take me in, but none were able to offer pay which I would pretty much need in order to go down there.

So this dream is probably going to be put on hold. After researching places in Iceland however, I feel confident that maybe I could work there in the future. There is a lot more clinics and practices there than I thought!!

And Alilee HIII! :D Message me if you do find anything or if you just want to in general haha. ^_^

thanks for stopping by to let us know what the outcome was! I often wonder what happens to the people who ask for advice here so it's nice to know in your case.

Iceland is a rather interesting and unusual place to live so I hope it works out eventually for you to spend some time here.

I am studying Veterinary Medicine in the next few years (have to finish undergrad school first) but I will be going to University of Pennsylvania, in the USA, I really want to leave America seeing as it is nothing like it used to be and it will only get worse with the current president. I want to go to Iceland. I love snow and I want to go somewhere a little cooler than where I am now. I have been looking up opportunities in Iceland and haven't found anything. This forum helped a lot! Thank you for posting this!

The other point I wanted to make is that i would like to start a clinic there. It is my dream to own my own clinic, but I need a good place to start it.

I'm going there in fall for vacation. If you every ended up starting that clinic, let us know! I'm a vet tech and would love to work overseas one day.

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