moving to lagos from mumbai

Hi all,

I have been offered by gloworld $120k/ annum along with accommodation n company car. How is the company and  is this CTC standard for software professional .... what may be the expenditure for British  school .... is it safe to move there with family ..please guide .Thank you  :)


Kiran u r welcome 2 nigeria, d work is gud also dat is the 1 of company dat pay gud salary in Nigeria, u can come wt ur family 4 well, u do not need 2 fear 4 anytin' Lagos is a 9ice place. No kidnaping, no fight or comflit or any form of harrasment bombing, shouting, onlike norther Nigeria' u can stil findout 4rm any other source, u are wlcm once again, [moderated: you dont want to give your personal details to strangers]

r u still in nigeria.........?

I m also planning to move to lagos with family so have some usual questions are there, will appreciate ur help.

following is my email address***

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GloWorld used to be my customer.

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