Moving to Lagos- views about safety for indians in Lagos?

Hi Friends,

I am planning to move to Lagos Nigeria in june to work for a and Indian IT company (Redington Nigeria Ltd.) . The contract is for 2 years.

Excited yet a bit uneasy. I am desperate to get some views on work environment and safety of indian expats. Below are few points which are to be considered and i want you reviews and opinions on the same.

Things which are provided by company:
1. Medical Insurance
2. Accommodation
3. Car with Driver
4. once in a year leave with air tickets
5. Local salary for Food, mobile and other personal expenses
6. House Maid
7. USD Salary which will be transfered to my indian account every month

The office is in Victoria Island, 11b, adeola odeku street and accomodation is nearby the office with in walking distance.
I am only concerned about the security and work environment in lagos, please help !!!

Hello viveksingh and welcome on board :)

You may want to read this thread to gather some useful infos :How's work life & safety for indian in nigeria

Best of luck for your new life

Kenjee Team

Thanks kenjee,

However the thread shared by you is dated may 2010 it is too old. I need the current scenario


Hi Vivek,

Although the thread was initiated in 2010, there have been interactions upto 2015.

This is the reason Kenjee suggested you have a read through the thread which can give you a fair idea while other members shed some light regarding your query :)



Hello Vivek
Lagos is very safe,  Particularly VI is the most safest location in Lagos. There are many Indians in Lagos , some parts of Lagos makes you feel like India. There is nothing to worry abt here. People are living here since ages .

You can write to me if you have more queries.


Hi, have anyone heard of Bayswater Industries Limited (Royal Salt Limited), I'm getting a job offer from them based in Lagos, let me know then we may discuss about other things

Thanks for now


Hi, How much money is good money if I'm moving to Lagos. I've been offered house, car with driver with salary of 1800 dollars into my account. Apart from this, I will be paid approx 800 dollars every month for daily expenses. How good is that ?

Seems good package confirm with the company that accommodation includes free gas connection and electricity too. And if they are providing bachelor or family status. Does it include air ticket to india too once a year or say once in 2 year with travel allowance separately. Medical facility free of cost

Housing to shared? Area in which you are given accommdation etc are important too

Lagos is generally safe, like in New Delhi but a little bit more developed than Delhi..

i think it's good money when you are in lagos.

Hii.. got an offer in victoria beach near office... hows the place ?? and safety ?? please tell me.


Hi Nidhi,

I am a Indian having lived the last 16years in MiddleEast-Bahrain!

Now I have an offer from a local Nigerian company called AOS ORWELL Ltd at Lagos.

Hence, need your kind inputs on the following to enable me make the next move accordingly:
1.How stable is the country?Lagos in particular for expats?
2.Where are the Indians generally staying from Oil companies ?
3.What are the living conditions like & education system?(I have a 11 years old daughter studying 6th grade in Indian CBSE syllabus).
4.What is a typical salary for a senior management personnel in oil industry there & the perks?
5.Is it safe for women to travel on their own to Malls/markets etc?
I would be indebted as your replies would mark the cornerstone for my decision to move to Nigeria. Thanks in advance!
Best Regards,

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