Hello Hurghandians !

Hello there ,

I have moved recently here and even if I'm a sociable person I find it difficult to find new female friends here . It would be nice to find other females as me who likes to have a nice chat , even to hang out and to share different experiences and culture.


welcome and enjoy!

welcome in Hurghada :) I moved here 3 year ago and was having problems with finding friends as well. So if you still need someone to talk feel free to contact me :) I am working mother of two so I do not have a lot of free time, but inshAllah I will find a minute for you ;)
Have a great day

Hello there ,

Thank you for your nice reply . I'm writing u in private .

Have a lovely day :)

I am coming in October again and will be free to meet if you like. I also had problems while being in Hurghada. Cairo is different. Alexandria - i rarely met with someone. If you wish write a message and I will send u my email.


Ok , it would be great , just let me know when you are here  and we can meet  ;)

Looking forward to! See you in October :)

its already 2016... boy am i late to reply lol
well just saying hope to see you too
and take care always...
i will try and be active here just to check around for your replies
its difficult with our hectic life to get around
but hope we manage somehow to meet up and say a big hellooooooooooooo
and have some hotchocolate lol
take care

hi there

My name is Dalia and i live and work here in Hurghada

if you would like to meet call me **



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Hi Dalia. I shall be moving to Hurghada in October. Would you like to become my first friend there?
About me? I'm an ex Telecom Business Manager. Worked and lived since young age in Sweden. I also worked a couple of years in Spain and Finland. Now I'm an author and a life coach. I am now in Cairo and very anxious to start new in Hurghada.


How about a mature decent man ?

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