New members of the Argentina forum, introduce yourself here

Hi Everyone.
Just planning my new life in Argentina.  Hopefully up in Cordoba but we will see where I end up.
If you can offer any help to assist me when I arrive please do so.

thank you i am planing to move Argentina so can you help me that

Hi Everyone on this forum,

I am new here. My name is Rianne, 52 years old, living in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. i am a fanatical tango dancer and wanting to spend 2-3 months every year in Buenos Aires. This costs money ;) so I am thinkng of teaching university courses in English or offering research assistance to graduates of postgraduates.

See you on this platform,


Hello everyone! I'm from Rio de Janeiro and I'm planning to move to Ushuaia. I'll probably visit the city next year, but my main project is to be ready to move by 2020(saving money to live for at least a year unemployed in the worst scenario).

Hello everyone!, presently living in Buenos Aires. I certainly undertand from my experience how expats feel and how much help and orientation the need. xxxx Welcome!!!  Gabriela Barbirotto

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Hi everyone!
Mi name is Marcelo, I´m 35. I´m from Bs As.
I´d like to make english friends in order to improve my english. I also can teach some Spanish. I hope to make good friends.
See you!

Hi guys,

I lived and studied abroad in Buenos Aires for 5 months back in the fall of 2015. If anyone has any questions about the daily life, travelling, cultural foods, and even a bit of slang (lol), feel free to ask me.

I am Shah from Pakistan. Currently living in Cape Town, South Africa. Interested in moving to Argentina this year. Any expat or local tips would be appreciated :)

hello expat
im juba from Egypt , i would like to move to Argentina and settle my life there , i wish i can meet new friends and hang out together as friends

i want study Spanish there and i want know more information

Hi all!
My name is Andrea Zuchowicki. I am not an expat. But have been working as a psychologist and studying in different countries.
I believe immigration is a difficult process.
Everything is new, languaje, food, everyday life, thus relationships with each other.
To find someone with whom you can speak about this, who is also qualified in psychology and  in your languaje of  origin. This is what I am willing to offer.
Thanks for this space

Hey Marcelo
I am Shah. I can help you with your English. And i would love it if you can teach me some Spanish in return :) . Message me and let me know if you are interested

Hi Shah,
Nice to meet you.
How are you?
I ´d like to keep in touch with you to practice my English. I also can teach you some Spanish. I´m 35 and I live in Buenos Aires (Argentina).

Hi everyone I'm from montana looking to move to argentina, I am currently a electrical engineer student (almost done), but I would like to explore new energy options there maybe even a career. I will be down for a visit to gather info for when I graduate and move. any suggestions on which cities to visit?

Hello Everyone! I'm Kaienna, from Brazil.
I have planes to live in Córdoba in November.
Which are your planes to go there? Study, work..?
I'm still afraid of don't get a job :/ 'cus I don't want to arrive there  and be unemployed. LOL

Córdoba is Beautiful! I've been there in May and was gorgeous.

I'm Enock, from neighbouring Brazil, where I've lived most of my life. I plan to move abroad upon retirement - due in 3 to 8 years from now. Argentina is enticing due to the proximity to Brazil, so I could make use of my health plan and insurance.

Hi There! I am Facundo from Buenos Aires, nice to meet you all!
I live and work in Patagonia (Chaltén) every summer and spend winters abroad, and some weeks in Buenos Aires. If someone needs help or info on Patagonia or Argentina in general (traveling, working, living)  give me a shout.


Hi everyone,

Now living in Neuquen and looking for other expats to meet up with!

Hi Everyone,

I'm Stephanie from France interested to live in Argentina and first of all find a job there.
Any suggestion?


Hi  I'm Peggy cosidering moving to Argentina,never been but seen a lot of videos can someone tell me how I can rent an apartment.

I am originally from Lebanon thinking to move to Argentina , can we be friends and chat on whatsapp ***

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Hi! My name’s Emily, and I am moving very soon to Argentina. Though I have my boyfriend, and his family and friends, I’m looking for any other expat friends to connect with in the city! I recently returned from a month in BA, and I’ll be living in Captial Federal. Message me if you want to talk on whatsapp, or have any tips for connecting and making friend in the beautiful BA.

Hello everyone im Dorah from Haiti i plan to move in Argentina next year but i hesitate between Buenos aires, cordoba, rosario and mendoza.... please i want to know how life is in these cities... can u guys please give me a feedback about each of them??? :)

Hi, I am from Argentina. I have lived in Canada for 27 years! (I'm 51). Still miss home.

If you live in Toronto, contact me. I'd love to meet some fellow countrymen and women and get together.


Hello Friends :) I'm Sarah, living in Cape Town, ZA but originally from Botswana. Looking to move to Argentina in March next year to teach English. Have only just begun my research but if anyone has suggestions or comparative descriptions of various cities that would be much appreciated! To those who have taught TEFL there, how easy (or hard) was it to find work - I have heard that it's better to job-hunt & interview in person? Am planning coming over with a friend who will do her TEFL certification in Argentina. We'd obviously like to live together to save on costs. Is it easy enough to find accommodation for two people - are there online sites to trawl?  (I have lots of questions) If there are any other SAFFAs out there, can you let me know how your moving process went?

Much appreciated :)

hi! after 28 years travelling internationally but always living in the US, i came to south america for the first time in 2010, hoping to like it enough to stay. years later i call argentina my home, and have a small organic farm with my husband in a small town in the north of buenos aires province. we have a two year old son who i should speak more english to, and i´m reaching out here in hopes of finding english-speaking friends within a few hundred km of my home! i feel like there´s gotta be other expats living in the pampa humeda, but i have yet to find one! looking forward to meeting people...

Hi! After 14 years I've just come back to my hometown, feeling a little bit like an expat myself, some things have changed so much! Most of the time I lived in Switzerland, where I once started by a forum like this to look for new friends.
In a nutshell! :)

I'm British and have been living in Buenos Aires since 2005. I fix computers and ride around on my motorbike as I plan the next asado"

My name is Rebecca, I am considering moving to Argentina with a friend for my retirement.. I am looking for a rural area and was wondering about the cost of living and the rural real estate market!!! Maybe hooking up with some other expats living in Argentina.


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