New members of the Argentina forum, introduce yourself here

Hi all,

Newbie on the Argentina forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Argentina if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!


I'm living in Cordoba, just resettled from Perth Australia. I would love to meet other expats!

Hello there,

I am in Rosario... been here 7 years now from States.

I do not get to meet up with too many ex-pats here, but sometimes I will bump into a few.

Hi all: I am from Argentina. Live near Rosario, Santa Fe and I intend to travel to Spain and so I would like to communicate with Argentines who are living there. : idontagree:

Hi, Im from Puerto Rico but currently go to the University of Texas at Austin. I'm currently in Buenos Aires but will  be moving to Córdoba capital in two weeks. I'll be there until December as I am doing my PhD fieldwork. Will be great to meet other expats!!

Hi everyone. I'm originally from Russia, last 4 years stay in China. Now think move to Argentina. Don't know yet which city Cordoba or Mendoza

I have lived in Argentina for 7+ years now.  I have been to Mendoza and Cordoba (city) each for vacations.  I much preferred Mendoza, it is cleaner than typical large Argentine city.

Unsure of job prospects in Mendoza vs Cordoba.  If you like wine, Mendoza is center of the wine region of Argentina.

Hi everyone im originally from new york city im currently living in toronto Canada working as a chef at a stadium. I would love the opportunity to work in Argentina to showcase my culinary skills. .can someone give me all the information I need to make this a reality. Thank you

Hello all,

My fiancee and I have decided to start planning our move from Texas to Argentina in the Spring of next year.  She is a native Argentine and has family and friends in San Juan and Mendoza, so we will be moving to that area.  I'm hopeful that this place can help prepare us!

Hi Adjhart!
Im currently in Córdoba doing my PhD fieldwork, but live in Austin TX. My boyfriend got here not long ago, from Austin too, and will be staying with me until August. Maybe I can help with some general moving questions... Let me know! I'll be happy to try help out!

I lived in Austin from 2004-2011, I love that place!

I'm sure I'll reserve my questions for after I've done some research.  It seems that there are quite a few resources that tell me what to expect.

As we are planning the trip though, I'm sure I will think of more specific questions to ask!

What kind of doctorate are you studying for?

My fiancee's late grandfather happened to be a renowned paleontologist in the area.

It's in Environmental Planning, School os Architecture.

Hi All,

I am new in Argentina, Buenos Aires.

Looking for good friends who can help me to explore city.


I want to work in Argentina please help me

Si uno de ustedes es argentino y está en ele xterior, los puedo llamar para una entrevista radial en mi programa de Rosario.
Por favor mandar su dirección de mail para comunicarnos más directamente. Gracias
Omar Maneh

Hello there, nice meeting you all!!

I am from Mendoza city and speak fluent English, besides my native Spanish, obviously.

While finishing up my master´s degree, I am also learning Norwegian and after graduating I intend to travel, live and work abroad: I am 34 years old and do not have dual citizenship, but getting my internationally accredited master´s degree could actually help, right?

Any tips regarding this issue?

Looking forward to your replies and suggestions, thank you in advance!!

Hello all! I am currently living between Buenos Aires, Mendoza, and Bariloche. I work for an American company called Grupo EMR that has hotels, The Office Buenos Aires, and the Residence Club of Argentina- all in Argentina

I've lived in quite a few countries, so I'm fairly good at being a foreigner in a new country. I have lived in Argentina since about February, and I would love to get in touch with some fellow expats!

Sounds like quite the job... was in Bariloche last Feb for vacations and Mendoza the year before that.  Loved both locations.


My name is Ebenezer, I'm from Sydney, Australia and I've just moved to Buenos Aires for 3 months (minimum). I don't really speak any Spanish so would be very keen to meet other English-speaking expats. My email is ebenezer.swan[at]

Cheers, Eb

Hi, im working in buenos aires for the next 3 weeks. If anyone wants to meetup for a coffee, sightseeing, lunch or has info on anything interesting going on!  Saludos, Claire

Hi All,

I am living in Paraguay from 1997.

Greetings to all!


I'm Kevin, a retired teacher from England.
I have met a beautiful Argentinian woman and we hope to settle in Tucuman for a few years before moving to England. ( the story is too complicated for a forum such as this!)
I'm halfway through a 1 month stay in Tucuman, my second visit here, and I am struck by how few foreigners there are here. I would like to know if there are any English speaking people who are part of an expat community near here. I am learning Spanish, but it is a slow process, especially the speaking!
Probably in March /April 2015, I will be looking to rent an apartment for about  3 months before finalising housing arrangements.
Any help would be appreciated.

Hola, i am from a town called Geraldton which is a couple hundred kilometres from perth, western australias capital city, i am looking to move to Cordoba and would like some help as to finding work and rent, please help me out

emailing me would help alot; rhysluscombe[at]

I used to live in perth for a while with family and am looking to move to Cordoba, think you could help me with some info about living there?
rhysluscombe[at] is my email if you could help thatd be awesome


       I am an American traveller/entrepreneur looking forward to moving to Mendoza in December of this year (2014).  I have 10 years experience in the food/tourism industry, mostly in restaurants and wineries.  I have also owned my own vintage clothing company (@faded_finds on instagram, for the last year.  I have lived in nearly 20 American cities, as well as London, and have a deep appreciation for other cultures and a passion for meeting people and sharing stories.  I hope to start a business in Mendoza in 2015, and would love any feedback regarding food, wine, tourism, and general living in the area. 

       Feel free to contact me directly at delong09[at]  I look forward to speaking (and hopefully meeting) with you all, and am truly excited about the opportunities Mendoza has to offer.


Hi all, I'm not an expat yet but I am coming to Buenos Aires on holiday on the 4th December and will need some advice, like where is the best place to change my money, am I better bringing Dollars as apposed to Sterling, places to visit and nice restaurants etc... Hope there's someone who wouldn't mind helping me out with this.

Regards Julie

Hi! My name is Romina, I am from Argentina. I live in Buenos Aires and I would like to meet English speaking people to make friends and learn more!!!

Hola porteña! Iré a su país!! recomiendeme lugares, no? Bueno, si tiene chance de escribir. :P

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hi my name is Gustavo an i live in Buenos Aires , my profession is dr in medicine
I.w like contact  with  latin or argentine people that live in  Dubai, because we are travelling with my family and friend at this amazing city to pass the new year
thank you for contact me

Hi Romina
I'm coming to Argentina next Feb , if you are interested we can meet there ???
My contact :
Tel : +974-66963464
E-mail : fbk.qatar[at]
Hope i hear from you soon

I'm going to visit south America for the 1st time in my life and i need some advise if you don't mind .

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Hi there,  just to say hi and welcome the newcomers. If anyone is interested in improving his spanish, I could share it in exchange of English or portuguese. Feel  free to contact me..


Hola a todos! Feliz año nuevo!! Vivo en Argentina, soy maestra de pedagogia waldorf y me interesa contactarme con maestros e instituciones waldorf en Rusia. Saludos!!

laucausa :

Hola a todos! Feliz año nuevo!! Vivo en Argentina, soy maestra de pedagogia waldorf y me interesa contactarme con maestros e instituciones waldorf en Rusia. Saludos!!

Please post in ENGLISH only as this is an English speaking forum
Thank you.


Welcome to my city! I could help you if you want to!!! :)

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:) Hello everyone.I am going to visit Buenos Aires at the beginig of april.I am traveling i would like to meet new friends who can show me town  and be my guide for a few days.I am from Finland.but speak english..russian.italian and finnish.So .it will be great pleasure to get some answer from someone.

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