Looking for american swing dancing studios / gatherings in Jakarta

I can't find "indoswing" on face book ??

Facobasten1984 and verovero, can we go together to milonga ??

Great! How does Wednesday night work for you?Around 8pm? I have at least 3  girls who are interested. I can lead and I am sure I can recruit some more guys too. Bal or Lindy works, lets see what we have for numbers first.

Yeah Andy  if the schedule works for u lets meet at 8 and we can meet and plan! Otherwise lets pm to discuss for another schedule :)

@Andy So we have weekly free swing lesson to give you an idea of what we have on wed! Swing addict has been realli kind sharing her swing dancing w us cos we desperate for some real dancing in jkt, so feel free to jump in ;)

where will this lesson be? I am interested. I am a follow

It will be at SPH International in Kemang. I will post it on the Facebook group with details as soon as Andihop agrees to the time if he can.

Try searching Indo (space) Swing

So AndiHop are you coming? There has been no reply. Its easy to get to the school, just tell the taxi driver "Lippo Mall: Kemang" then come to the starbucks in the Debenhams store (not the starbucks right where you will get dropped off probably. and we will meet you there outside.

Ive been on the street  for one hr!! Otw!

fixed link:

Indo Swing Facebook Group -

Swing dancing every Friday at Spanky's in Kemang.  Free lesson starts 7:45pm followed by social dancing 'til 11pm.  All welcome!   Facebook "Indo Swing"

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Im local indonesian but my psychologist advices me to have extra class, i am currently taking thai boxing class but i really look for swing dance class... please invite me

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