Tango Class @ Kuningan for January 2013         :)

Nice Offering , Hope a lot of people interest with your programe...

Hi facobasten1984,

Could you please post your advert in the Jakarta classifieds?

Thank you,

Thanks , has it done.

You too

update Everybody ! :)


Whatís Argentine Tango?
It can be sweet and simple like this:

Tango in their native (VERY VERY NICE/BBC Documentary Video)

Tango through people eyes

Why nobody laughs?

Because Tango is meditative and relaxing.

Do I need to bring my own partner?

No need! But I will arrange the gender proportions to achieve somehow balanced number, so yeah seat is limited !

Whoa !

Not much has join on here but I have news nevertheless ;)

Ok so we have 5 people interested in the class !

WEeeHee so half way to go !

Anyone else ? Gentleman(s) ?

Please do not hesitate to enquiry if there's any :) Hope to see ya in the class !

Hi !
Our Class is fixed on Thurs and Fri 7-9, at HOS Cokroaminoto Menteng. We'll have our 1st lesson at 17 January at the latest.

Spaces is still open for 2 guys.

So lemme know if you want to fill in ! ;)

Update Everybody!

So currently we have a nice gender balance in our class.

We already have some ladies in our waiting lists. Once more leaders/ guys register for the class then we can have the lists updated.

If you are interested in joining in then please make a contact ( facobasten1984[at] Then I'll arrange what works for you.

PS: your first class is free if you don't feel like to continue.

Ola Amigos !

Please excuse the greetings - just want to ooze  a latin breeze here ;P

Alright so our 5th class will begin by 7th of March ! So mark your calendar .....spread the word around and hope for more leader to join in :)

To those interested for a taster class please do come by 7 of March too.

I already have brochures for the class. If you feel like you can drop them somewhere please let me know !

I have dropped them at IIC ( Italian Institute) and Goethe ( German School), haven't got the chance to other areas.

To give a little sense of direction please let me share a perspective;

A little illustration of our group,

So since I am trying to form a wider Tango community in Jakarta ( cos its not fun to dance alone) and we have limited member now ( only 4 fixed people in our class !),
we mixed everybody in the same class and learning from the basic. Obviously can't run different class with that number :p

I share similar view to this guy of what a Tango teacher should share with students cos its not only about the moves- more to it, its about techniques attitudes values rituals and understanding owns body : … education/ and I am hoping that we are going to the said direction. And yes Tango is like kung fu - if it makes sense to you and as in every teacher has their own style and the more you meet and learn from, the richer your knowledge would be !

So if you might be more experienced and might stay in Jakarta for longer please do not hesitate to share your knowledge and skill to everybody cos its only fun when everyone does it well :D and hopefully a proper milonga in the near future !

Our current set of 8 classes has no practica yet ( since we are total beginners)  but I am trying to add practica session for our next set hopefully begin by early April.

A little practical info of the class:
The class payment is of each set of 8 classes ( around 2 months)  to ensure attendance stability and class dynamic.
To those enrol in the middle of the pack then payment is prorate.
Partner swap is not mandatory so feel free to let us know if you prefer to dance with a partner of your own :)

And a Tango news to share
I am not sure to attend myself but might be useful for someone !

Until then xx

I wish we could join but we am quite far and transportation is a bit of an issue just now, maybe if session is weekend me and my husband can join :)

After your Tango session you can also do Salsa at Ritz Carlton (every Thursday).

I understand ! Its a shame indeed not to be able to join in other areas due to traffic.

Thanks for the info tho and the afterclass Ritz would be a fun opt :)

nice info...thanks

That's good news, I will offer to my friends maybe they're interesting.

Dear All,
It has been a lil bumpy yet exciting start and finally our 14 March is the 8th/last classes and available for a taster class if anyone interested in!

Considering the fun we had our next set would start on 21st of March and last for another 8 classes. Reviewing from our first set thus:

-  Thursday 7-9 would be full 2 hrs classes
-  We'll have the class with minimum of 5 ppl registering.

So thats for a news and hoping to seeing you all next Thu :)

Kind Regards
more info@ facobasten1984[at]     The More The Merrier Merrier !! ;) Sign Up !

thinking of sharing with you all this wonderful article :)

and this is my personal fav quote from the article
" Others noted that it confers some of the same benefits as mind-body therapies and meditation. Because it is an improvised dance, leader and follower must draw all their awareness into their bodies and the present moment. In order to move in the right direction with only the subtlest cue, the follower needs to feel slight changes in the leaderís body, like a shift in weight or a small opening of the shoulder.

Although it may sound stressful having to be so present, it is liberating. I canít think about work, an argument Iíve had with a friend, or the bills I need to pay when dancing tango. All my focus is on my body, my partnerís body, and the music. When I go into my body, I notice where I am holding stress and must release it in order to be an effective partner. "

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