badminton sundays

anyone up for a badminton game?

i don't know where to play or who to play with. but i want to play, hehe. i have a 1 badminton racket and some "feather"  we can use.

maybe i can join your group or we can start one. anyplace accessible by busway would be great. I live in kelapa gading, north of jakarta.

thank you so much! please contact me or post here. :D

i think you should check at gelora bung karno area / istora senayan, there's a hall that normally people playing badminton in a group there :)

Hello Sir! Here's in Jakarta we have many places to playing badminton. You can visit on : … sk&did=197
But it still written in bahasa, i hope you not have problem with it. invite many friends will be great.

anyone who want to play badminton :D

I have a similar dilemma here in Kelapa Gading. I tried to check at Klub Kelapa Gading thru phone but the staff can't understand English. So perhaps I would visit the club soon..will let you know, sir :)

So you haven't got the badminton club yet?

Hey rezafizh,

We are still trying to organize. Maybe 1 on 1 or 2 on 2 or a group. Heheh

Oh you have organized? it's nice. I just wanna trying to contact some badminton club that i have if you are haven't got it yet. But knowing you'll play together, sounds great. :)

Haha, we havent organized one yet, we are still trying. Hahah. Thanks rezafizh. :)

Haha it's confusing

This is list of saveral badminton club in North Jakarta : … nk&cid=246

It is ok I will organized if anyone who want playing badminton, there is many good place I know

It's a good idea

Klub Kelapa Gading has badminton, pretty sure they still have it. If you need a translator, I basicly live across that place fav sport.
but kelapa gading..too far from my place..
if you are in west jakarta, you can find a lot of sport hall for badminton...
gud luck..

Hi, i am thinking of starting a badminton club for expat. We can hv sparring seesions with other local indonesian clubs too. If you are interested, plz do drop me a lone n we can start frm there. Cheers....

Hi everyone!

I love to play badminton and I have few friends that play badminton as well. We are in South Jakarta.
Maybe we can play sometime?

Cheers :)

Where in the south n time n date? Would love to play afew games. Cheers

For those who live in Kuningan or Sudirman area, you may try to play badminton at GOR Soemantri (near to Pasar Festival).
The place is quite easy to find and cozy.
I used to play there with my colleagues.

Any good badminton player to play in group near kuningan area?

It's surprisingly difficult to find badminton players in Jakarta! it looks like in this city, it is either the super serious clubs for high level competitors, or very casual groups of mostly beginners. Something in the middle would be nice.

So I am looking for any motivated players, to play double and single, in Central Jakarta area preferably, during week-end or evening in the week. I'm intermediate, used to play in club but a while ago, I'm still passionate about the sport, and would really love to find people that share the same interest. Would be willing to organize regular sessions and form a group if people are interested. Please contact me. Thanks.

I stay at kuningan place. Hardly find intermediate player play at this area. So it forces me to join badminton group at north of jakarta. Lol

Wah i would like to join any badminton clubs on sunday !

nm12, you can come on Sunday 4pm at Cometa, Pluit.

Hai, i want to play badminton as well. I am staying in Kuningan area. Anyone playing in this area?

Hi!!!! yes it is so hard to find...
but when u found it.. u'll stick to them

i play at kebayoran...
saturday at 2 pm
come on and play with me.
we're intermediate.

Hi All..

If anyone want to play badminton on Saturday Morning or Sunday.. Please let me know..

We usually play either at Kuningan or Senayan, Jakarta...


All players are mostly ever living at Foreign Countries..

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Hi can we join u this Saturday at Kebayoran? How can we keep in touch?

I can bring other 2 people to join (if you don't mind.. so total would be 3 people....>)

sure! let me wats app you

Anyone playing badminton in grand futsal kunningan on saturday morning. I will like to join.


are you still looking for player ? i live in scbd, intermediate level, single or double but prefer single game



Hi.. please send me private message if you like to join badminton at Senayan every Saturday.




Anyone want to play badminton next week in kuningan? Contact me. Thanks

what time in your group on Sunday? Play in Kunningan? Grand Futsal?

Hi everyone,

I woild love to join tje badminton on a saturday morning or afternoon is fine too. Im living near kuningan, ciganjur.

May I know the details as to where and the contact person.



Just wondering if you need another player for your saturday badminton games. I am staying at FX Sudirman.


Hey guys,

I am new to jakarta and looking to play badminton weekends. I live in scbd. Pls let me know or ping me how to join.


I'm new to Jakarta and loooking to play badminton.
Is there any group that can take me in? I stay in Puri, West Jakarta.
I'm easy going.

Many thanks,

Hey Rash,
You found a group yet?

not yet, Buddy.  :unsure
I just trying to find some chances for business here  :)

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