Personal Trainer

I am looking for Personal Trainer to do 2 hours lessons per week in Kemang area.
from 8pm to 9pm during week day
from 11am to 12pm on saturday
Thank you in advance to send me an email if you know someone interested

sure Miss, please call my friend Mike he is an instructor 0813 16439697

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Hi! I'm Esmeralda. I saw ur post regarding personal trainer. I'm interested and willing to have a trial with u for a workout. I currently work as a freelance personal trainer and a softball coach in south jakarta area. Looking forward for ur reply. Thank you.

I have been using a Personal Trainer for the past 6 months, and have had excellent results him. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for an effective personal trainer. His name is Franky, and his mobile number is ***

Hi, do u mind if u tell me personal teacher of what?

In study bahasa Indonesia language or something else, *** is my phone number.

Thank you n I wish we can be best partner



I'm foreigner guide,  English n bahasa Indonesia teacher.

For Personal Trainer contact
Ian : ***

Mrs Pauline

Hi Ian31,

This is an old thread. Please recommend this professional in the business directory so that members might contact her.

- Jakarta business directory

Thanks in advance,

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