Swimming lessons

Am interested to know where i can take swimming lessons in dar es salaam and the cost. Am moving to dar soon and i would like to swim alot for leisure. Thanks guys

Hello Eddie11.

Maybe you could post an advert in the Classes section in the Dar es Salaam classifieds. It can help. :)

Thank you,

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i love swim if you like i can teach you a basic swim as a friend.


Hello, though it is quite a while ago. If you are still searching, you can check it is located in Upanga Dar es Salaam

I am not a certified trainer, but for basic swimming you don't need any certified trainer. We can do it in hotel pool. Some pool takes some charge 5000-7000 for 10am to 6 pm. I am free at Saturday and Sunday. It you really interested then it takes you only 3/4 days to learn swim.
Thanks in advance

Try at Shabaan Robert Sec School in Upanga East. They have an Olympic size swimming pool and I teach at the school

I am pretty much interested myself, how can I find you! Here is my contacts! ***

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