Week 1 in Dar Es Salaam

I arrived on Monday the 10th of July expecting to walk into a beautiful hotel that I had seen through pictures...this was my first valueable lesson of not judging a book by its cover. The place was dirty and somewhat resembled a motel in Hillbrow, Johannesburg (the furniture was stained, the table cloths had oil and dried in food stains etc.). I checked out the very next day after an uncomfortable night's rest which was brought on by my disapproval of the place.

After calming down and moving into the New Africa hotel I was a much happier person until Dar Es Salaam decided to welcome me in the most humbling way. I had an asthma attack and was hospitalised for 2 days😐😐😐.

Well with all this drama in just one week I am looking forward to great memories and new adventures!!!

Oh am so sorry to hear that however there a lot  of beautiful things to see in Tanzania get well soon and inbox me if you want to unfold the wonders of this country pole sana

That's so ridiculous, for this hotels to put good pictures online while in reality they don't even rank on the star rate they are rating themselves! It must be worse for you to compare it to Hillbrow (I know the place). Very sorry for that and wish you good health on your stay. Welcome to Tanzania it's a beautiful country, if you get chance try to visit some other regions too.

Thanks Aneli16...

I'm so sorry for that but  I know many hotels in dar, They are beaut n cheap but all in all its a new experience, unfortunately its bad! get well soon

Sairis please inbox me. ***

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