GOLF - looking for golf buddies in the Bangkok area


looking for friends to play golf with in the Bangkok area.   I am an Australian National aged 48 and play on a 7 handicap.


I'm currently working in Bangkok. Have been for the past year. I'm normally there for 2 weeks each month.
I haven't played any golf in Bangkok, none of my colleagues play.
I would really love to play some golf out there.
I play of 5.



Hi There

I am also looking for golf Buddy but have 24 Handicap , pls reply if u interested .


HI, Paul

Yes I would love to play.

Im back in BKK from 23rd for 2-3 weeks.

Have u played in BKK, were do u usually play.

Im not sure if I should bring my clubs or higher some, any ideas.



Hi Kalidj
Thanks for your reply , I have moved from Udon Thani to Bangkok just recently so have not played here yet .
I intended to try the Thai Navy course in Bangna it's close to the City and very reasonable price also you can hire clubs for 400 baht , may I suggest you check it out on their website . I am going to make a visit there just to check it out this week , will report back . Most of the other courses are quite a way out of town and pretty expensive .
I will see if I can add you to my contact list ,

Best Wishes  Paul


Thats a great Idea, Ill be there next week and then we can get a game in,

The course looks ok and very reasonable. Its pretty accessible via taxi, so shouldn't be a problem.

Look forward to hearing back from you.



Apolagies with name mix up .   Jamil

No problems

I play off 20 and am 69 but still interested in playing in Bangkok , please reply if your interested .


Bangna area have a couple of golf courses. One can take the BTS train then switch over to taxi will be much faster unless one drives and use the expressway.

As far as I know, golfers love the challenge of playing in different golf courses.  There are lots of golf courses in Thailand.

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