Looking for friends in Mauritius

Looking for an english speaking job in mauritius,  I moved here anyone please holla back


Hope you are well.  I am Belgian, living at about 20 minutes from Albion. I am married here and have two kids, would like to meet some friends. Do you think we could meet once?


hey are u in mauritius since long? ;)

anyway want to hang out for a drink, straight up in the north, trou aux biches.  am also free for meet ups.  ;)


I live in Pointe aux Sables...I'm always up for a chat and drink!

Hi.  That would be nice.  just give me a call ***

Looking to meet up with nature lovers in Mauritius

Specially fishing activities

We  can meet fix a date

I am near port chambly , which suite or room you are and a phone to confirmed arrival

will be please to help as I am in Pereybere. Bye

i am in terrouge
send your contact details

Hi are you still in Mauritius.  i want to organise a small party.  i will be pleased that you join

Contact me organising a house party


HI everyone am new here my name is Ben and I want make friends in Mauritius

benlart :

HI everyone am new here my name is Ben and I want make friends in Mauritius

Hi Ben,
Welcome to :)

Have you read all the posts in the networking section? I am sure there are many suggestions about where to meet new friends :)

Why don't you start a new thread and at the same time tell us about yourself? Are you new in Mauritius or new to Expat etc etc ")

Zats gud zen...


I've just moved here 2 months ago and live in Quatres Bornes as well :)
I read your post and I'm looking for something similar...just wanted to know if you found a good swimming pool or French classes.

Have a good day!

Whats up , nice to be here in mauritius is a very nice country , you are  from , yes in the vicinity there are a swimming pool but abit expensive near Jumbo , but you can find  swimming pool at Beau bassin  which you can just pay a monthly contribution

let me know i can help you


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Yes  i have forget , you no need to learn french , what exactly you want , learn  it to speak perfectly or you want to learn the local language which are nearly the same to french

there are many  which is available

we chat  and share good
have a nice day

Hello! Im looking to make some friends - be nice to hang out and explore thing to do in Mauritius with some new people.
I am a Mauritian back from London 2 years now, 30 years old and single! :)

whats up
Girish here , actually  looking for opportunity , worked 15 yrs in mining industries abroad  , back here no work
yes we can be
where you are any phone or contact ,

whats up

Don't worry you will find friendship real soon ... In any case welcome back and all the best...

Hello are you in Mauritius?

Hello Mrashvin,

To whom are you referring to ? There are so many members on this thread.


hi girls!
I have posted in the forum re starting a dinner club - I am in dire need of some girlfriends - I have been here three months.

Happy to hangout!

Hey Esmarie!

I live in Quatres Bornes and am in dire need of girlfriends also lol!
Dinner club sounds great :) even lunch works because I don't have a car yet.

Happy to hangout too :)


Oh great I am down for lunch!! I work in Port Louis and live in Floreal. I'll pm you my nr we can organise a lunch :)

If Jumbo is convenient, lunch at the Happy Rajah might be a good option.

call me ***

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hello expat friends :D

I will be glad to be your friend

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Hi im a filipina and im new here. I am looking for new friends too. Have a nice day beautiful ladies

Hi Ruta!

I am also in Mauritius and also looking for girl friends! Where abouts are you? I'm in Grand Baie.


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