Looking for friends in Mauritius

me too i will be coming to Mauritius so soon,i hope you will be my friend. ...text on whatsapp ***

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Hi there

HI Donavan

Would you like to join our group of friends where we organise outings, trips etc

Kindly tell us a bit about you.



Hi.im interested.Please do tell me more about it.Thanks

how are you
I hope you are doing well.
You can call me on ***

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Pls tell me nore about you.


It will be nice to meet you.  You will be able to join our group.  Unfortunately, you phone number has been hidden by Expat.com.

Please do send me message when you are in Mauritius through expat.com and i will tell how to meet us.

Looking forward to have you in our group.

Kind regards


Hi everybody

We are a group of professionals, doctors, lawyers, directors who could not find time to relax and had some good times.  This is the reason why we  created this group where we go out for dinner, have fun, socializing, and having group holiday abroad.

The post looking for friend was posted some 7 years back but since then, the group has been formed .

However, If anyone wants to join the group, please send me a message. More people, More Fun.

Kind regards


Jeena2 :

Unfortunately, you phone number has been hidden by Expat.com.

The sentence should read, "fortunately, your phone number has been hidden by Expat.com".

If ladies let their numbers out in the open, they'll find out why it's fortunate the forum removes them. Come to think of it, that applies to men as well.

You are perfectly right.  I can imagine if our phone number is circulated among thousands of people, we can expect all sorts of things.

Thank your for underlining this point.

Kind regards


Hi Jeena,

my husband and I just arrived in Mauritius yesterday (staying around Grand Baie). Would be fun to join up one niggt to get to know you. What area are you meeting ususally?

Cheers, Judith

Dear Judith

We usually meet at Flic en Flac.

Should you be interested, i will send you an invite for our next meeting.

Kind regards


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