From Jo'burg- Seeking Girl Friends. Let's create a Dinner club

Hi there ladies!

I am from Jo'burg South Africa and have only been here for 3 months.  I am in dire need of some girl friends (and someone to drink wine) with so I am taking it upon myself to attempt at starting a dinner club! 

Would anyone be interested in this - we could do weekly or bi-weekly and try out some spots around the island.

Hope to meet you soon!

I will be there in March and totally keen.... eat out in CT all the time and will be missing all my girl friends.
Where are you living ?

I am in Floreal (which, incidentally has a great wine shop!), work in Port Louis but I travel a lot around the island looking for coffee and cuisine :D

Good idea :) I am a big fan of the wine and food!
I will be in Mauritius in February maybe see you next year!

Great stuff - hope to see you soon!

Give me about 6 months and I'll join you. :-) Can't wait!

Sue from San Francisco

Oh great I am so excited

I'm moving to Mauritius from the UK at the end of October and very keen to meet some new friends. Keep me updated on your plans, sounds like a great idea!

Am moving next month .. from SA, and I know I'll need wine 😂😂🙈🍷

Great. Please do let me know when you have arrived! Safe travels. Xx

Oh excellent!! Our club is coming along nicely!! Let me know when you are here. I will be so glad to meet you! Yay!

Sounds like a great idea. I work in Ebene, live in Black River so if you want to try the Flying Dodo at Bagatelle one week night that would be good for me and is nice and central.

I love wine, good idea! I live in Tamarin since 2 weeks. **

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Hi   what age group you are looking for

This sounds like fun! I live in Curepipe and could do with some 'girly talk'. I am however 3 months pregnant, so no wine for the moment, but I can stare enviously whilst you drink :)

(I also hail from South Africa, Durban to be exact!)

I am following this post as I plan to be there mid-year next year and this sounds like a great idea!

We need to somehow create a group and try and meet up at last once a month. Would be amazing. I will only be there March next year but clearly so many of us moving.
We all experiencing the same stuff at the moment and some have been through it.
Bring on the island life.

Since there's a meet up in the Henessey next week why don't we try to go and then arrange something

I agree.

Can those interested send me their numbers by e-mail?  I'll create a Whatsapp Group where we can make arrangements? 

My e-mail address is ***

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It really doesn't matter.  I am 33, but I am sure there are people of all ages who would like to join :)

Actually, perhaps to make it easier, I'll send everyone here a private message with my nr.  If you could send me a WhatsApp with your name I'll save you and create a group.  Any new members wanting to join, drop me a mail on *** with your name and number (I am not handing out my phone number on here for obvious reasons. LOL) and I'll add you :)

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Hi everyone

So just an update, I have created a facebook page:  xxx and an e-mail address xxx to make life easier for everyone.

Anyone wanting to join the dinner club or receive information please like the page and drop me an e-mail or a message with your phone number and I'll add you to the Whatsapp group.

Our first dinner will be on 29 October at 18h30 at The Flying Dodo, Bagatelle. There is a link to this event via the page above also.

Hope to see you all there!

Hello there

That is a fantastic idea - I am also from JHB and Love me a dinner party and red wine.  Where about do you live ?

Hi Elaine

I live in Floreal, but we'll have dinners all over the island.  Please visit to see our events.


would be amazing.... just need to get there :o  not sure where to even start.
any advise would be great xxx

Hello ladies, I'm Lisa, just met up with Cara today in Cape Town... so up to join up sometime :-) We will be in Tamarin from December onwards.

We are looking at moving in June 2017 and I would love to join in once I'm there! Have liked the fb page in preperation 😊

Hello! I would also like to join but need to find a job in Guest Relations at a hotel asap. Can anybody assist?
Thanks so much!!

Hi, I moved to Mauritius a week ago currently staying in flic en flac but moving to grand baie from January. My girlfriend has been here since October and is going a little crazy stuck with just male company. Would be great if she could join in on any events you guys are planning? She is 6 months pregnant so won't be drinking any wine but would be nice for her to get out the house a bit and meet some other people.

We are meeting on Saturday evening at a place in Tamarin

Hi we also have a coffee meet up in flic en flac every Friday morning from 10.30 at Tidez cafe on the beach front please join us.

Hi, include me

Oh excellent see you tomorrow!

Hello ladies

I am new to Mauritius since couple of months now and I would love to dine and talk over a good glass of wine or juice for the pregnant ladies around here, congrats by the way!

Living in Grand Baie, but I have no problem taking my car to meet up somewhere in Port Louis for example.

I will join the Facebook group!

Hope to see you ladies soon.



I am back on the island and kind of lost friendships after so many years away from Mauritius. I would love to make new friends and will join the facebook page :).

Hope to see you soon.


Hello ladies! I'm a little late to this thread...but I'll be moving to Mauritius for the summer, and would love to join in on your festivities! How often have you been meeting up?

Love to read the reply, - Any ladies in Tamarin wanting to start a dinner club with - will be back on Sat -

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Hi there!

We try to meet as often as we can schedules allowing.  There are always different people at different events so it's nice to meet new faces!

Send me a pm with your number and I'll add you to the whatsapp group :)

Hope to see you soon!

Hi Geraldine!

Send me a pm with your number and I'll add you to the whatsapp group :)

Hope to see you soon!

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