Catholic church with English mass/ Filipino kababayans

Just new in Mauritius, arrived here last May 30, 2015. Happy to learn about and we, together with my wife, are interested to know where can we attend English Catholic mass and get in touch with other Filipinos here in Mauritius. Hello to everybody!

Hi and welcome to and Mauritius :)

I know there is an English Mass at St Benoit Catholic Church in Tamarin at 6pm,  usually first Sunday of each month.
The last one was 5th July so I assume the next one will be on 2nd August.

A friend used to go to a English service every Saturday at 6.00 PM at a Catholic church in Rose Hill although I don't know if this still happens or which one.

I have also found the following web page, it lists all the Catholic Churches in Mauritius, you click on the area you want and it then gives you the full listing and contact details, so you will be able to contact the person at the church to ask about English Services. … country=mu

Hope this has been of some help to you :)

Thanks for the info, appreciated much!☺

I go to my local catholic church , yes it is in French and Kreole but often some parts are in English.  It helps with the language as I take my english bible with me and when the lectures from the Bible are read out I can read the English and listen to the French


If you are in the north, once a month, there is English Mass in Grand Bay on Sunday at 10 am.

Please enquire.

Hope you find what you are looking for.


Hi Guys,
Even though it is an old post, I thought of sharing the information. There is an English service every Saturday 6pm at St Joseph chapel. As that parish have a strong Filipino community they also have mass in Tagalog twice a month followed by Filipino gathering.

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