Gujrati People in Mauritius.

Hello Everyone,
  I am an Mozambican,but originally Gujarati,i would like to know is their any gujrati community? If yes how to contact them.
Please Guide.....

Hi Alpa,

Yes, there is a small Mauritian Gujarati community as well as some expats among the Hindu population in Mauritius.
And they are well connected with the Gujarati diaspora outside Mauritius as well.

I don't know anyone specifically but you can contact the 'Desai' family on Facebook. They are very active in the community.

Let me know if this helps.

Thank you very much for your information.....I will surely try to contact them😊

Hello Alpa

This may be of interest also: … nomic-base … 861-_1900_

Thank you...☺

Hi guys I am looking for a gurathi pandit  in Mauritius for a wedding please I you know someone please may I have contact number please

You can contact Shri Rameshjee Maharaj who can help you in the same.
his contact number is xxx.


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