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I was interviewed by OASIS hospital representatives recently and was accepted as Mechanical Maintenance Engineer.This Hospital accdg to the representative is a 300 bed capacity and first time to operate since it was only finished lately ; so in short this building is new.

HAve you heard about this? Any informations? Where can I find if this hospital is registered at the MOH and what personnel involved in the top management?

Thank you in advance for all the informations.

Regards and hope to hear you soon.

email: rolandduane[at]

Hello Roland.

In which country is the Oasis Hospital?

hello Christine,

From where are u?

thanks for the reply. its Riyahd Oasis Hospital. Have some ?

thanks for all the informations.


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Inquired about Oasis but no one seems to have heard about it. Google shows that it is possibly a new hospital still under or nearing completion for which hiring has already begun. Not much info available. Will try to find out and post it here ASAP.

Hi Roland,

if you have any contact number for the hotel representatives, I could call them from a local number and get details, and then start my investigation from there.


Guys, greetings!

Thank you for the informations.


I never heard of  Oasis Hospital in Riyadh probably because they're pretty small institutions and not well known. Oasis is a small polyclinic in Riyadh, according to my friend who is working in Riyadh right now. However, this hospital can be found in UAE.

Check how much they're offering as it can be a little bit annoying once you are here and then they'll force you to sign another contract with lesser pay. A lot of nurses were dismayed when they found themselves facing heaps of problems because their employer refuses to honor the contract originally signed in the Philippines.

duane the complete name of riyadh oasis is:
Riyadh Oasis- Oasis Health Co. for Old Aged care..

I have a number to the institution because i saw it in the agency data that hired me, I was hired there too as a asst. nurse, my frend in riyadh tryd to called the number but its not oasis hospital its  NATIONAL daw... im tryying to ask my frend wat NATIONAL hes talking about.....
tomorow i wil try to post the number

There is a NATIONAL HOSPITAL located on SITTEEN STREET in malaz which is owned and managed by the GOSI (Government Social Insurance Organization) which has been around for many decades. I am not sure if they are extending their facilities and services to a new wing that they choose to call OASIS, either at the same location or elsewhere.

Then there is the NATIONAL GUARD HOSPITAL which is a state owned enterprise meant for the services and their families, located in Naseem off the KHURAIS ROAD. Thats supposed to be an  la carte place meant for people in very high places and also that they pay well and offer great perks and benefits in line with the top class King Feisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh.

My sister was interviewed and hired by Oasis Hosp from the phils.,where exactly is it located here in riyadh city. I asked few friends ,but they never heard that it EXISTS!

where exactly is riyadh oasis hospital???? is it really existing in riyadh?

it exists.. actually, it's near completion already. I'ts a new hospital in Riyadh that is was it's not known yet. my friend who was hired as an engineer there told me. I was hired as a nurse, i think will be deployed this december.

i'm now in ryadh, my concern is to know where "exactly" OASIS HOSPITAL is located here,so i can get more feedbacks regarding this hospital...or probably check the place.Thanks!

it is in Ar riyadh. i don't have the exact street..

the agency that hired my sister says that the official name of the hospital is RIYADH OASIS HOSPITAL. this will open on jan 2 but they were deployed mid december. i wonder why when i called the number stated in the contract it says its RIYADH RETIREES ASSOCIATION. kindly assist why? under whose ownership and management is this hospital? is it possible that if she doesn't like it there, can she immediately transfer to a bigger and existing hospital in riyadh. pls help. thank you..

She can initiate a mutual transfer if its not void in the Contract, by the way have you yet been deployed?
There is a new hospital being build on Sitteen street i will check if its the same.

thank you so much for your immediate reply..yes, kindly assist us of the exact description and address of the of the new hospital. like wise, please give us feedback on the impression of the hospital and other information that can be of use for my sister being there..
again thanks a lot....

Hello, good day! My sister is also in Riyadh and awaiting for the opening of Oasis Hospital.. When will this hospital open? You mentioned that its a clinic? Is that true?

where r u now Duane? in Riyadh Oasis na ba? marami na taung napagsabihan na newly open yan, yet till date hindi pa at as far as i know, as of last week of april, di pa registered ang institution na yan.

I think its not very nice to text in a dialect thats not comprehended by all members of the forum.

Thats what they taught me when I was a schoolboy

@ musicman,

my apologies , I will translate.

where r u now Duane? in Riyadh Oasis na ba? marami na taung napagsabihan na newly open yan, yet till date hindi pa at as far as i know, as of last week of april, di pa registered ang institution na yan.

Where are you Duane? Are you in Riyadh now? Many of us has been told that it is newly open, yet till date still not and as far as I know, as of last week of april, the institution is still nopt registered.

okay, guys... i have started and now i need to close.. sorry for the delayed reply as we were been busy and encountering hectic schedule/s.

just to confirm that Riyadh Oasis Hospital is really existing along King Abdullah Rd. that is adjacent to Prince Salman Social Center. dont know the exact no of street yet but maybe we will identify in the near future. Todate , the hospital is now almost finished and maybe turn over from the Contractor to the Owner will soon be executed. Cannot tell though the exact date when will the Hosp start to operate. Its only ABOVE can tell .... Did i answer all your questions ?

Telephone lines and website for the hospital is now being installed and you can access them in the near future. Thanks for all the comments , reply and all the informations you shared. Truly , more heads are better than one. Its now open for new applicants. Y not apply?? regards and good luck!!


to marnold,

my apology as my reply got into your folder. dont know what happen . Anyway just want to extend my best regards to all Filipino Nurses who did the previous Saudi Council Exam.

Filipino really are highly skilled and professional.They can be trusted for international std of Nursing Practices and they continuously maintained a very peaceful and respected community. Guys...we from the technical team salutes you...and good luck for all your endeavors.

from the Technical/Facilities team.

oasis update : building facilities are nearly complete and the contractor/s are eyeing for turn over maybe this month. but guess there are facilities that needs to be adjusted, corrected and little modification. Just hang on and pray that this hospital will soon be finished.

by the way its 252 bed capacity and located between National Product and Prince Salman Social Center along King abdullah rd.riyadh, ksa.

To all of you who made their contributions, informations and posting this forum on the google site , thank you. especial thanks is commended to ms. christine and her company for posting this forum.

kabayan maraming salamat...


to our  Nurses ,

request that facebook , friendster with user name and password be posted on this site for alternative sources of informations, feedbacks and comments. Would that be possible ?
Thank you in advance . especial regards is extended to the filipino anaim consultants : joe-nhe and Doh-ming hello there!!

We just hired a Filipino IT Systems Supervisor to manage the Data Center at a clients holding company office and he has had to take up this appointment by moving to Riyadh from AlKhobar.

His wife is employed a sa nurse in the Eastern Region and would also like to seek a suitable nursing position here in Riyadh.

Can anyone assist?

Hi Musicman

Tell your friend to send CV to my hospital Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group - the HR department or the DON (director of nursing) in ARRYAN hospital in KHURAIS road, right next door to a very large Jarrir bookstore.

We have a few new hospitals she will be able to dictate where she actually wants to go to be close to hubby.

Hope this helps.

Thanks very much, indeed. Sulaiman Habib will be right up his street cos our office is just walking diatance away and he can easily find suitable accomodation somewhere near for the two of them. he is in temp housing for the moment while she finishes up her work in AlKhobar and comes over to Riyadh. I will pass on the message to Rey. Thanks again. You are very kind.




Kindly check that your Caps Lock key is released before posting in the forums!


my apology . thanks and regardsto marnold.


Hello everyone in this forum....

RIYADH OASIS HOSPITAL (ROH) is now operational it started today November 1, 2010....It is actualy the first institution in the KSA that caters on LONG CARE TERM and geriatrics institution. We arrived here last December 8, 2009 and it only opens now. The Hospital is a 300 bed capacity located in Exit 10, king abdullah road beside Prince salman social center. The hospital is owned by the governor of riyadh, Prince Salman. The building and landscape are beautiful. The facilities although still in completion are all state of the art equipment. The staff are mostly filipinos, syrians, indians, jordanians and saudis...Advertisement for media is still in completion. Come and apply to Riyadh oasis Hospital..

Thank you...

is anyone can capture photos of this hospital.. maybe imy ageny will deploy me in this hospital... would like to see any comments as well wok over there


is oasis hospital still hiring nurses? does anyone here know which agency to go to? thank you..

i work as a hospital safety officer...any open position for this category in oasis hospital?

hello everybody out there!!! I happen to browse this forum when I tried to find Riyadh Oasis Healthcare/Al-Waha hospital(as the agency names it) in the internet and was upset when I didn't find anything until my fingers brought me here. Somehow I was enlightened and several questions in my mind were answered. I was thankful that I saw this site.
Actually, I am an applicant for a PT position on that hospital that's why I researched about it. For you who are working there now or who knows about the hospital,can you give me some background or idea about the institution?Does this institution has a website already?
thank you....

Hi guys. I'm new here. I'm just wondering about the existence of Riyadh Oasis Hosp. I know some of you have claimed the fact that it really exists... But to see is to believe right? I can't find atleast a single picture or comments about the services they offer.

I'll be there in a month. I know it's soon!
I just hope I did the right thing.
I hope this institution is not a GHOST HOSPITAL.

Hope you can help me with this concern!
I would really appreciate it.

Regards to everyone.

Sparrow :

Hi Musicman

Tell your friend to send CV to my hospital Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Group - the HR department or the DON (director of nursing) in ARRYAN hospital in KHURAIS road, right next door to a very large Jarrir bookstore.

We have a few new hospitals she will be able to dictate where she actually wants to go to be close to hubby.

Hope this helps.

hi sir,,,
can i pass my cv in ur hospital? but my experience was only a practical nurse, but im a registered here in the philippines, ppls help, i want to work there as a staff nurse, even in opd, hoping you can help me, thank you,

hello everyone!

I'm just new here, I was looking for the Oasis Hospital..
Can somebody tell me that where is it exactly located because I'm a nurse here in the Philippines and I applied there..Is this really a hospital or a clinic? because the agency told us that it is a private hospital..May I know who's the owner of this hospital?

thank you..i hope you can answer me..

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