Hi, Roms here from Philippines. Are you employed in Riyadh oasis hosp? 'Coz i was accepted by an agency in Makati and they told me that i'll be there 2 months from now. Is it a good hosp? How about the facilities and accreditation? I was bothered 'coz one of my friends told me that half of the hosp is for rehabilitation and long term tx. Do they also have OR, ER, and dialysis?

Your response would be highly appreciated.


I thought the name of the hosp is RIYADH OASIS MEDICAL CARE.

information for Riyadh Oasis Hospital: for now its open only for Medical-Surgical Area and MAYBE later on there will be ICU. There are no ER since the hospital caters referrals from different hospitals like National Guard, King Faisal, King Fahad and Riyadh Military. Most of the patients are for long term care/ Palliative care. For those who are still on doubt, the hospital exists and its a 300 bed capacity hospital located on exit 10 Riyadh, Saudi Arabia...Hope this info helps.

i am a physiotherapist residing here in riyadh. i would like to ask if they are accepting local hire. what is there website so that i can send my cv.
thank you very much.

Thanks for the info flinch33. Great help!

I'm just curious cause you said it's a 300-bed capacity hosp. So nearly 300 beds for Med-Surg cases??? Is that it? Is the setup similar to hospice setting? Is it like a place for people who are terminally ill/dying? That's the description that pops out my mind everytime i think of this institution.   

I haven't found anything about the hosp: website, hosp permit, photos.

One more thing. Is it really RIYADH OASIS (alwaha) HOSP? cause someone told me that the name is RIYADH OASIS MEDICAL CARE. Here's the link though: healthoasis.com.sa/Riyadh/english.html

hi there roms...its NOT JUST NEARLY 300 bed capacity but it is a 300 bed capacity private hospital. you're right its called in arabic Al Waha or in english Riyadh Oasis. The institution is a palliative type/ long term or in short for terminally ill or worst of all for dying patient. There are no photos or any website yet since its newly built but i have photos of it. If i can just fetch it and put it all here for you guys to see, then why not but the problem is I dont know how.

hi deedeleon!! regarding your question if they are hiring locally, thats the question im not sure about but lemme check it out for you and ask the HR if they are hiring locally. 2 days from now or as soon as I've asked them you'll get a reply from me.

Thats the side view of the Hospital on my profile pic. I havent captured yet the front view since I didnt have time yet. That's all for now..

thanks flinch!!!! can i ask if how much the salary of a physiotherapist and their regular time schedule. :)

hi there deedeleon!! regarding your question bout the salary, that i really dont know but I'll try to ask the Syrian PT and the new hire PT if how much their salary is.. :)

Thanks flinch33! You're not alone, i also don't know how to upload photos here... Maybe i'm just excited to work there.

hi guys..i've heard a lot about oasis hospital in riyadh..like way back aug of 2009 in this forum..they said that it is a polyclinic and here is the full posted reply from MIZTAHCOOL last aug of 2009

"I never heard of Al Zayed or Oasis Hospital in Riyadh probably because they're pretty small institutions and not well known. Oasis is a small polyclinic in Riyadh, according to my friend who is working in Riyadh right now. However, both those hospitals can be found in UAE.

Check how much they're offering as it can be a little bit annoying once you are here and then they'll force you to sign another contract with lesser pay. A lot of nurses were dismayed when they found themselves facing heaps of problems because their employer refuses to honor the contract originally signed in the Philippines. "

can anyone tell me if this is true because i got this agency in makati and the employer is from riyadh oasis hospital..thanx a lot

hi stonefreak!!! well to see is to believe anyway. The profile pic that I have is the Riyadh Oasis Hospital or Al Wahat..you can read the previous thread if you would like to..

Hello guys ,

I need information please about this hospital

do they have vacancies?


Hi and welcome on board meramaid :)

Are you looking for a job only in this hospital?
What are your experiences?


hello there roms[at]247. I would like to ask you if you're there already in Riyadh,particularly in Oasis now since you've said in your last message here that you'll be there in a month? How's the institution?I'm also an applicant for this hospital yet I'm still waiting for the agency's further instruction. If you could give me some info about the said hospital,I would be very glad and it would be of great help to me.
Thank you.

hi there flinch....I guess you have lots of information about the oasis hospital,right?you really are a great help for us seeking info about that institution. By the way, are you working there?
Like the rest of them,I'm also interested about the info of that hospital since I am an applicant too. Hope you can help me...thank you.

@flinch33: i thought it is also called AL WAHA not AL WAHAT?

hi guys... im kinda pi*sed of with my agency that is located in makati..because they said that our visa for oasis hospital is ready but up till now..they said that, they still haven't receive the visas from the people of oasis..and oasis is not answering to their email about the visas...

hi dainlergnars31,

my friend wants to apply in Oasis. are there some vacant positions there? and If they accept transfer>


dainlergnars31 :

Hello everyone in this forum....

RIYADH OASIS HOSPITAL (ROH) is now operational it started today November 1, 2010....It is actualy the first institution in the KSA that caters on LONG CARE TERM and geriatrics institution. We arrived here last December 8, 2009 and it only opens now. The Hospital is a 300 bed capacity located in Exit 10, king abdullah road beside Prince salman social center. The hospital is owned by the governor of riyadh, Prince Salman. The building and landscape are beautiful. The facilities although still in completion are all state of the art equipment. The staff are mostly filipinos, syrians, indians, jordanians and saudis...Advertisement for media is still in completion. Come and apply to Riyadh oasis Hospital..

Thank you...

Masage Therapist......any chance to work in weekends like thursday and friday.

hi, i'm a nurse here in the philippines and i wanna know if this hospital really exist? and are there lots of nurses already applied in this institution?

can somebody answer me..thanks a lot:)

to lostnurse:

if i wer u,  try to apply to other company, just being honest,. you wont like it der,, i have a friend hus weorking in der.. :(

To true_man
     Hello, do u have any idea if the laboratory in oasis hosp has gud facilities? Still not good in there? Tnx.
Ur ASAP response is very much appreciated.. :)

greetings to everybody

can i ask if the riyadh oasis hospital if it is existing now, what agency they are tied up. i want to apply as staff nurse.


hi..anyone here working alreadi in riyadh oasis hospital?how's the hospital..im planning to apply as a staff nurse thru the agency they are tied up to here in the philippines..thank you..

guys! may i have the list of the nurses of the riyahd oasis hospital!? asap!:)

Hi guys..I am a nurse here in the Philippines with 3 years hospital experience. I am very much interested to work in Riyadh Oasis Hospital. The agency called me that i am for medical exam. My problem is I have a lung scar. I heard from some nurses with the same case their employer consider their case and they were given waiver since its just a lung scar and as long as you had the medical certificate that state its stable and fit to work..will the RIyad Oasis hospital will consider my case?please help..Thank you.

Hi friends.
Riyadh Oasis is in Riyadh near Exit 10(Ring road) .
You can find it near Riyadh Exhibition centre.
The phone number is 00966114944141.
Good luck

Hi ,do you still need to know about the hospital?

Hello. Are you working now in riyadh oasis hospital? Is it really a hospital or homecare setting?

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