Looking to set up my new company in Egypt

Hi Mwero,
Thank you for your interested, I’m interesting with engineering industries such as mechanical design, supply of materials, fabrication & machining work, inspection, painting, dispatch of different of machines and production lines.

Here is a brief review of my interested:
‐ Experience for morethan17 years in engineering, planning, estimation, proposal & sales for static and dynamic engineering
industries as the following:
 Static: steel manufacturing and erection for the following fields; Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Refining, Power
Plants, Cement Plants, Steel Mills, Water Works and Construction Field.
 Dynamic: Lifting and Handling Equipment, Construction Machines and Reverse Engineering.
‐ The following work categories have been worked out:
 Hoists, Overhead & Gantry Cranes.
 Gas & Oil Modular Skids.
 Modules of Heat Recovery System Generation (HRSG).
 Lighting Poles, Grating& Galvanization.
 Plate works such as Ducts, Casings (Stiffened Panels), Silos, Cyclones….etc.
 Storage Tanks (Shop and Field Erected).
 Pressure Vessels (Towers, columns, Reactors,…etc).
 Evaporators and Heat Exchangers.
 Stacks & Chimneys.
 Structural Steel, Platforms, handrails, ladders& Stairs.
 Piping pre-fabrication works.
 Electro Mechanical installation works.

The information people are trying to access here in a forum, is readily available in any number of websites,in clear and specific detail, and with legal accuracy. The Egyptian government websites are actually quite good and informative. Otherwise go to the websites of any reputable accountancy or law firms: they provide the latest information on their sites free of charge. I don't mean it impolitely, but it is sheer laziness to try to base your future decisions on often very inaccurate stories that people tell you on a forum such as this.

Are you still interested in starting a new company in Egypt

I set up my company in Egypt in 1997

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