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If you are looking forward to work in Arequipa, here is what you need to known on this Peruvian city's labor market.

Arequipa is one of the biggest Peruvian cities, deemed to be quite modern and dynamic. Capital city of the region bearing the same name, Arequipa can be the ideal destination for foreign nationals in quest of new career prospects in a Latin American city. So if you wish to settle and work there, it is best to inquire on its labor market beforehand. Note that you stand more chances of being hired by a foreign company, like in the rest in the country.


Arequipa's economy mainly relies on the primary sectors, including agriculture and mining. In fact, these two sectors make the most significant contribution to the region's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). These are closely followed by the manufacturing industry, trade and services. The tertiary field, for its part, makes a contribution of up to 50% to Arequipa's GDP. Since a few years, Arequipa's economy has also been boosted by construction, just like Lima, the capital city.

 Good to know:

Arequipa is known to be Peru's second biggest industrial city thanks to the presence of several industrial parks. The Arequipa Industrial Park, for instance, mainly hosts big and medium enterprises while the APIMA Industrial Park is dedicated to small enterprises. You will also find the Rio Seco Industrial Park and a few others in other neighborhoods. Note that the Arequipa Industrial Park, on its own, hosts more than 150 companies involved in construction, agri-food, textiles and export, etc.

Labor market

Given Arequipa's dynamism, career prospects are available in several fields, namely construction, engineering, trade, sales, management, services, etc. Tourism is also very open towards foreign nationals as Arequipa is known to be one of Peru's most visited cities after Cusco and Lima. Why not try your luck with NGOs and in the education field as well?

Note, however, that you must have qualifications and skills that are not currently available in the country to be hired in Arequipa. In fact, Peruvian companies are keener about recruiting local workers rather than foreigners due to long and complex formalities.

Find a job

The easiest way to find a job in Arequipa is to browse offers on the Internet. Indeed, you are likely to find several specialized job websites and professional social networks. Moreover, as a strong expatriate community has built up in the city over the years, networking may also help if you have contacts or friends on the spot.

Consider sending spontaneous job applications to local and foreign companies operating across the city as well. You can find a list of these companies in local directories or with the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry as well. Note that having a good knowledge of Spanish will be a considerable advantage during your job search.

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