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How to find internship in Romania? What are the related conditions and procedures to follow? Find out in this article.

For thousands of students and young professionals worldwide, performing an internship abroad can be a truly enriching experience in various aspects. Indeed, performing an internship in a foreign country will allow you not only to achieve international work experience but also to discover a new culture and lifestyle. So if you have chosen Romania, you will definitely discover a country that has much to offer, both in cultural and professional terms. But before proceeding, you are advised to inquire on related conditions which are quite particular, compared to other European countries.


First of all, internship offers in Romania should not be detrimental to the local labor market regarding available jobs. In fact, the internship description should be clearly mentioned in the internship contract. Moreover, the internship should have the sole purpose of training the foreign candidate. Note that a legal working week, as it is the case for the labor market as a whole, consists of 40 working hours.

Promising fields

Finding an internship in Romania can be quite complicated for candidates who do not understand Romanian. But you can still find several foreign and international companies across the country. These are rather open towards foreign trainees. Therefore, you are more likely to find internship opportunities in the following fields: finance and accounting, trade, telecommunications, information and communication technology, etc.

You are also advised to search for your internship in major cities such as Bucharest, which is the capital city, and Timisoara. In these cities, you are more likely to find opportunities in the fields of automotive construction, banks and insurance, hotels, infrastructure, as well as energy. Finally, Romania is deemed to be a haven for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Most of these are linked to the major groups involved namely in automotive construction, engineering, information and communication technology, the video game industry, etc.

Find internship

You are advised to start your internship search by contacting foreign Chambers of Commerce in Romania who will definitely advise and guide you. Consider sending spontaneous job applications to major foreign and international companies operating across the country. You might be lucky, who knows?

Finally, you can search for internship offers on the Internet thanks to specialized virtual platforms and professional social networks.

Possible difficulties

Language barrier could be a major obstacle during your internship in Romania. Indeed, it is best to have a good knowledge of Romania before getting started. Students in Romania, for instance, are entitled to a preparatory year before getting enrolled in a university. This course will essentially help you understand and speak Romanian. So when looking for an internship offer, feel free to register for Romanian language classes in a competent institution in your home country or to enroll for language courses in a Romanian university beforehand.

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