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Unemployment and Free Transportation

You live in the department Haute Garonne and you are unemployed?

If you are registered to Pôle Emploi, you can get a free transportation pass for Bus/subway/tramway (Tisseo) and departemental train (SNCF-TER) for a period of 6 months.

1) You live in one of these 53 cities around Toulouse

see this PDF to know if your city is included : http://www.tisseo.fr/sites/default/files/Communes_PTU_gratuite_DE.pdf

a) Bus/subway/tramway (Tisseo)

- If you do not have it yet, you need to get your pass "Carte Pastel" at one of this Tisseo agence (Jean Jaurès, Arène or Occitane in Toulouse). You will need a photo, an ID card (passport) and an "Avis de situation" from Pôle Emploi. You can print the "Avis de situation" from your personal account on the pôle emploi website.

- If you have your "Carte pastel" just go to one of this Tisseo agence (Jean Jaurès, Arène or Occitane) with your "Avis de situation" from Pôle Emploi.

b) Departemental Train (SNCF-TER)

Few days after you got your free transportation for bus/subway/Tramway, you will receive at home a document from the Conseil General de la Haute-Garonne, with a little blue card called "justificatif SNCF".

To get the free transportation for departemental train (SNCF-TER) you need to go to this address with this little blue card and your Carte Pastel:

Guichet Information - Billetterie de la Gare Routière Pierre Sémard
68-70, boulevard Pierre Sémard
31500 Toulouse

(I never did it yet, so I don't know if they ask some paper work and how this works)

2) If you do not live in one of the 53 cities mentioned before

You have to contact the Conseil General de la Haute Garonne.

Conseil Général de Haute-Garonne
1 Boulevard de la Marquette
31090 Toulouse Cedex 9
Phone : 05 34 33 32 31
Email : contact@cg31.fr

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