Shipping a car from USA to France

Hello has anyone done this ... If so do you know how much the tax and duty is (approximately) on a vehicle valued at $6500 and shipping cost to $1800.   Also is their tax/duty on personal items included in the vehicle such as clothes, shoes etc (shipping them from US to use in France) thanks

We shipped stuffs from houston to france, didnt have any problem with customs.. didnt have to pay any.. I dont have any idea about car.. but i was told before that there should be some changes done to the car got from us to france.. to meet french requirement.

I shipped my car. I wouldn't do it again. I live in California, so our emissions standards are pretty strict, probably more so than in Texas. Even so, with shipping and the fog light they required -- it was a pretty lame requirement and of dubious legality, but I guess he felt he had to say something -- it cost about 20 K, which is about what the car is worth. It took about ten months. I was told it can take years. Your French insurance company will insure you for only a year and the government won't certify the car unless you have insurance, so if the process takes longer, you can be in a Catch-22, unless you find an insurer who will cover you after that year. It wasn't an easy thing to do; I found my guy by word-of-mouth. Seriously, my advice is to sell your car in the States and just buy another one here.

If you really do want your particular car, do no work until you arrive in France. You don't know what the French authorities are going to ask for; there are few hard-and-fast rules in France, so it depends on the inspector you get. I found no one in San Francisco who had a clue what might be required.
Your shipping company should help you with the paperwork for customs. Your personal items are duty-free but you have to provide the proper documentation. Without it, I think the duty is 50% of the value of your stuff. You might want to find out who the nearest French consulate uses for their moves and go with them.

Where is the $1,800 shipping quote from? We shipped two classic cars for a customer in California to the port of Le Havre and paid around $1,300 per car. I'm unsure about the import duties since we were not involved in that, but you can contact Alex from West Coast Shipping to get more details.

I did it a few years back and it definitely took some work to get it done, mainly because I was intent on finding a good company and a good price. Having now done it, that was time well spent. The best move I made was probably getting a price estimate at the website, which gave me an idea of what to expect pricewise. Then I called a few others to compare and went with the cheapest one. Make sure you feel out their service and how they handle complaints, issues, damages, etc. There are some shady folks in that industry.


i was considering shifting my car from KSA to France  ,, but after i read this post ..
i cancelled the idea  ..


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