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Known as the capital of the Midi-Pyrénées region, Toulouse is the fourth biggest French city. It attracts many expatriates every year thanks to its pleasant climate, its proximity with the Mediterranean Sea, its Pyrenean ski resorts, as well as its 965 hectares of municipal green spaces. In fact, Toulouse is famous for the quality living it provides to its inhabitants. So you will definitely enjoy your stay there, particularly given the various leisure activities that are available for all ages.

History and culture

The Toulouse-Purpan Amphitheatre, the Municipal Archives, the Capitol, etc, are the most popular places of interest in Toulouse. You will be amazed by the city's breathtaking architecture and cultural heritage as demonstrated by its lively streets and neighbourhoods. You can also witness the city's history and impressive architecture with its numerous bridges, namely the Saint-Michel bridge, the Pont Neuf, Saint-Pierre Bridge, the Twin Bridge, the bridge of the Catalans and the Demoiselles Bridge.

Also, like most major cities, Toulouse holds a great historical heritage that you can discover through its museums, especially the Musée de la Poupée and the Musée de la Magie which are meant for all ages.

Toulouse's parks and gardens

For those who are looking to enjoy the more natural sights and sounds of Toulouse, you can choose to spend some time in one of the many public green spaces in the city, such as the Jardin des Plantes, the Royal Garden or the University Garden. Find more information about Toulouse's gardens and parks in the Useful links listed below.

You will also find many shared gardens in Toulouse. These gardens are open to all amateur gardeners, so green-fingered expats with a keen sense of community can participate in the beautification of the city.

Sports in Toulouse

You are likely to find more than 10 leisure centers in Toulouse, namely the Argoulets, the Sesquières, among others. Some of these are even equipped with sports infrastructure and facilities while others are more calm and ideal for practising acitivites such as meditation.

Toulouse also offers a wide range of sports activities for all ages. So if you wish to keep fit, take the time to choose the one which best suits you and your family. You can easily access municipal sports centers and private gyms if you want to try out a new sport, practise your favourite, or keep up your workout routine.


The cuisine of Toulouse is an intregal part of the region's culture, as is the case across much of France. Perhaps Toulouse's best known dish, the Toulouse Cassoulet is a rich, warming, slow-cooked stew, and it can be found at restaurants throughout the city. Another signature food is found within the cassoulet, and that is the Toulouse sausage which is made of Pork meat combined with herbs and spices. If you're looking for something a bit sweeter, you may want to try a Croquant - a sweet, crisp biscuit with almonds in it.

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