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What are the career prospects available in the Czech Republic? We are providing you with an overview of the Czech labor market in this article, along with some tips to help you land a job.

Located in Central Europe, the Czech Republic is very welcoming towards expatriates. Indeed, thanks to its developed and dynamic economy, it provides a range of opportunities to foreign professionals. Whether you come from the European Union or from elsewhere, finding a job in the Czech Republic should not be difficult provided you comply with existing conditions.


The Czech Republic has the most developed and industrialized economy of Central Europe's emerging countries. From a planned economy in the communist era, it has transformed, over the years, into a market economy.

Today, the Czech economy is mainly driven by two pillars, namely industry and services. Note that the services sector includes tourism and financial services which make a significant contribution to the national economy thanks to rising activities since a few years. The country has thus become a key destination for tourism and expatriation.


Unlike other countries which favor selected immigration, the Czech Republic is open to all foreign professionals, regardless of their specialization, provided they comply with certain conditions. For instance, European and non European nationals can look for a job via the National Employment Portal (find more information in the useful links listed below).

Find a job

There are various ways to look for a job in the Czech Republic. You can start by browsing offers on the Internet via job websites or even the different employment platforms that have been set up by the Czech government as well as private companies. You may also register with an employment agency which can help you find a job according to your profile more rapidly. Many of these have English websites.

If you are already on the spot, you can also check out local newspapers such as MF Dnes, Hospodářské noviny and Právo, among others, if you understand Czech.

Consider sending spontaneous job applications to companies operating across the country. Indeed, many companies are very keen about hiring bold and daring candidates. Some of them even hold open days which are often advertised on their websites and on social networks.

Recruitment agencies

Recruitment agencies in the Czech Republic are seen as a crucial link between job seekers and employers. Temporary recruitment agencies, for their part, apply specific conditions in the case of foreign professionals.

Note that temporary recruitment agencies are accessible to foreign professionals having the same status as Czech nationals. In details, you must either be the holder of a permanent resident permit, or come from a European Union member State, or have obtained asylum or a similar status through an international treaty.

Foreign nationals coming from other countries, for their part, must be in possession of a work permit and a resident permit in the Czech Republic.

Employment contract

The employment contract must be written and a copy must be in your possession. In general, the employment contract must include the following:

  • the job title and description
  • your workplace
  • your joining date
  • other provisions.

Negotiation is advised regarding some conditions such as:

  • the obligation of your employer to notify you in case of changes in salary
  • over time
  • leaves
  • the probation period
  • the contract duration.

Health insurance

Both Czech and foreign nationals must contribute to the health insurance provided they are in possession of a proper work permit. This insurance covers employees as well as their family members in case of work disability, illness, pregnancy or maternity leave.

The health insurance is valid as from the date you join the company until the termination of your contract. You employer will be responsible of calculating the amount to be paid.

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