Living in Czech Republic guide

Find out all you need to know to relocate and live in Czech Republic with the expat guide

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General information


Visas, passports and entry requirements
  • As a member of the European Union, the Czech Republic welcomes foreign nationals coming from neighboring countries without a visa.

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Work visas, work permits, working holiday visas and residence permits
  • Conditions and formalities relating to traveling and staying in the Czech Republic generally vary according to different nationalities.

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Labour market, how to find a job
  • Want to become a digital nomad in the Czech Republic? The digital nomad's guide to the Czech Republic will help you make the most of your nomadic life abro

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  • Internships in the Czech Republic were not quite common until recently. In all cases, it should not be difficult for foreign nationals to find internship.

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  • Prague, the Czech capital city, attracts many expatriates worldwide for its dynamism as well as the numerous professional opportunities it provides.

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  • As a modern and developed country, the Czech Republic provides various professional opportunities both to European and non European nationals.

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How to rent a house or an apartment, leases and rental agreements
  • Being the Czech capital city, Prague is a vibrant and dynamic area providing a range of accommodation to expatriates.

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  • Finding accommodation in the Czech Republic can seem quite tricky at first when you are not yet familiar with the local real estate market.

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Student visa, University registration
  • Every year, the Czech Republic attracts many students from around the world thanks to its developed higher education system.

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Health care

Public and private health systems
  • Like most European countries, the Czech Republic also has a modern and developed health care system including many hospitals, clinics, etc.

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Open and manage a bank account


Tax system, income tax
  • By moving to the Czech Republic, especially if you are going to work, you will have to pay income tax, as well as other taxes such as VAT, among others.

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Train, bus, plane, car rental
  • As a modern city, Prague hosts a comprehensive transports networks which will allow you travel anywhere safely and in total comfort.

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  • The Czech Republic has a developed and dense transport network, including buses, trains, tramway, and even taxis which make traveling easier.

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Driver's licence

Driving requirements
  • Foreign nationals coming from the European Union and the European Economic Area can drive in the Czech Republic with their original driver's license.

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moving, formalities and useful tips
  • Relocating to the Czech Republic requires appropriate planning. It is better to hire removal experts who will take care of all relating formalities.

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Phone line, internet provider, post office
  • It is rather easy to subscribe to a land line, mobile plan or Internet in the Czech Republic thanks to a developed telecommunications network.

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Sports, leisure and cultural activities
  • Thanks to its huge cultural heritage, Prague, the Czech capital city, offers a range of leisure activities to expatriates moving there.

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  • By moving to the Czech Republic, you will discover a historically and culturally rich country along with a wide range of leisure activities.

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  • On moving to the Czech Republic, you will discover a warm and hospitable nation along with interesting cultures, traditions and many festivals.

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