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If you wish to travel across Belgium, you can choose among different means of transport. Here is an overview of the Belgian transport network.

Whether you are making a short or long stay in Belgium, you will probably have to move from one place to another. The country's developed transport network will allow you to travel anywhere safely. You can choose among buses, tramways, trains, subways and taxis for your routine travel. If you have a valid driver's license, you may also rent a car. Moreover, bikes are available for rent during your leisure time.


A large number of Belgian households have a car. If you are moving there, you can consider either renting a car, or buying one if you are planning to settle there. Thus, you will be able to travel freely, alone or with your family. However, driving a car can be quite painful due to traffic jam, especially in Brussels, the Belgian capital city.

However, local authorities have taken a series of measures so as to prevent pollution caused by cars during traffic jam. These greatly encourage the use of public transports by promoting subscriptions. Hence, car owners who have agreed to leave their car at home are entitled to free transport on the Brussels Inter-urban Transport Network, on the Walloon Regional Transport Company and on the Vlaamse Vervoermaatschappij.

 Good to know:

As Belgium is a trilingual country, road signs are usually in Dutch and French. Some of these, in Brussels for instance, are in German and English.

Note that Belgian authorities are very strict regarding the Highway Code. Hence, you have to be aware of road traffic regulations before driving. Note, moreover, that pedestrians have priority.


You are likely to find subways only in Brussels. The subway network, that is the Brussels Inter-urban Transport Network, consists of four lines, each serving the North, South, East and West respectively. This network offers various benefits, such as free transport to a maximum of four less than six years old children per paying adult. More than 65 years old people are also entitled to free transport to anywhere in the city.


Brussels, Antwerp, Ghent and Charleroi have a modern and efficient tramway network which is provided by De Lijn in Flanders and the Walloon Regional Transport Company in Wallonia.


Belgium is famous for is its comprehensive railway network which is deemed to be the best in whole Europe. You will obtain all related information in the National Belgian Railway Network's website.

Less than 11 years old children are entitled to free transport, just like in subways, provided they are accompanied by a more than 12 years old person or adult. Moreover, 6 to 11 years old children are eligible to free transport from Monday to Friday after 9 am. Big families holding a family card, on the other hand, are entitled to free travel without any restriction.


Belgium has two main bus companies, which are governed by the Brussels Inter-urban Transport Network and the TEC in the Flemish region. You will need a subscription to be able to travel by bus. If you have to take two buses daily, you will need two subscriptions. Less than 6 years old children and more than 65 years old people are entitled to free travel by bus as well.

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