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What are the career prospects available in Cebu? How to proceed to find a job there? Find out in this article.

Cebu, the oldest Philippines city, has the whole archipelago's second busiest airport, the Mactan-Cebu International Airport, which is found on Mactan Island. In fact, Cebu is a group of islands, including a main island. In a decade, it has turned into a global hub in terms of furniture manufacturing, tourism, business processing services and heavy industry, etc. The city is also famous in the fields of fashion accessories, manufacture of guitars, dried mango, carrageenan (an industrial food thickener), toys, watches, cameras, electronic components and household items.

You must have understood by now that Cebu is an economically rich and dynamic city where you should not have much trouble in finding a job. But you are advised to take the time and inquire on its labor market's conditions and requirements before starting your job search.


For long, Filipinos have been able to enjoy the province's economic development in many aspects namely its islands and their white sand beaches and diving sites, places of interest and heritage sites, etc. Cebu has also been attracting many multinational companies due to its proximity with sea routes and intra-Asian air networks. Moreover, Cebu ranked 8th among the “Top 100 BPO Destinations Report” issued by Tholons, a consulting firm.

In fact, information and communication technology (ICT) has widely developed in the region with the support of the Chamber of Commerce and the local industry. It definitely seems like the region aims at becoming a long-term investment destination in South-East Asia in terms of computer applications, cloud services and ICT.

Cebu also hosts nearly 80% of the country's domestic and international maritime vessels operators and manufacturers thanks to extensive port facilities. The Philippines, for instance, ranked 4th among the world's biggest shipbuilders thanks to its professionals expertise in this field. Away from ports, you will find banks, shopping malls, and many other office buildings.

 Good to know:

Mactan Island hosts two economic zones which include factories and multinational companies that have set up their subsidiaries in the region. These are the Mactan Economic Processing Zones 1 and 2 (MEPZ-1 and MEPZ-2). You will also find the Cebu Park District which has given rise to many residential and commercial real estate projects.

Finally, you will find mining factories, among which the Cebu Limestone Mining Company, as well as quarries in Toledo, Danao and Naga.

Find a job

Given the above-mentioned economic activities, you should be able to find a job according to your profile without much difficulty. You can start your job search right from your home country if you wish. Indeed, Internet will be your greatest search tool thanks to numerous general and specialized job websites, as well as professional social networks and expatriate forums, etc.

If you are already in the country, feel free to inquire about the major companies operating across the country and select a few to which you can send spontaneous job applications.

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