How and where find a IT Job ?

Hi guys,

If I start my second post on this site is that I would like your opinion. I would like in the near future to stay in Philippines. Ideally near Cebu (but I can easily travel).
I am 30 years old, so I dont have budget to start a business (even if i have I dont want to do it now). I worked for 10 years in the IT : system administration and network and project management. I have experience in consultancies, IT projects and I even now manages a HelpDesk team.
During my 10 years, I have been at "unemployment" for 1 month, I usually found before leaving.

Here despite the experience and certifications, i'm looking from 1 month and a half mostly on Jobstreet, but it doesn't work.
Do you have any ideas on why despite a skilled job I can not find?
Thank you for your help.


Hi Splouvier,

Maybe you should try to post an ad in theIT & Telecommunications job vacancies in Cebu section, it might also help you.

I also advise you to have a look at this article : … -cebu.html

Thanks and good luck,

Priscilla :)

Assuming you are an unmarried foreigner, you can not work without a permit.
However, if you are in IT, you could find work online, there is a vast number of foreign IT specialists doing this.
Working for Philippine companies or trying to get an employment there is almost impossible, not only due to the work restrictions. Also the salaries are rather low, if you can earn 50k Php Start salary you would be lucky. I guess you rather don't want to work for this amount...

another TIP: If you actively look you should always include your qualifications or strong fields?
I.E Java etc.

That could be true. But you really have to consider the location. If you were to apply in Makati or other Metro areas, the chances of you landing a job in the filed that you want with good pay. Or you could seek help with recruitment firms in Cebu.

Retiring in Philippines is actually good. But working as an expat will lead you to No Direction. Unless you build your own company or settle an ample life in the metro.

Thanks guys for all your reply,

@Stranted : Thanks for your tips. I realize it is difficult to find a job. I understood the part regarding  permit, the employer must justify , etc ....

Yes I work in IT but in project management part / system and network administration. Not much development . And it is more difficult to find a job in IT when it needs to be physically present. As I manages a team of IT HelpDesk support, I figured I'd find can be more easily. And probably some compagny research for their management level , project management. But it's true, in my 10 years of work I will never have 2 months without a work, here i send CV from more than 3 months.

And i dont have a lot for start a business, and anyway, i think its a really bad decision to start a business (in IT or French Speciality) when you just arrived.

@MaroBautista : To be honest , I am absolutely not a fan of Manila , I think rather go in Negros Oriental. I search recently in Dumaguete. But yes i use website without ask help from recruitment firms, maybe my motivation or CV are not correct ? I already ask to a Friend, but he is not a professional.

@ RaelCipriano : Yes, i'm motivate but i'm not sure to find like that

thanks again for your help guys.

hi splouvier..there are many home-based or work from home IT jobs..i know of this because my son does that on the side aside from his day job. I don't think i can mention it in this forum but PM me if you want more son has been successful in this regard.

All the best and welcome to the Phils :)

I see. Good luck on your endeavors though. Keep us posted. :D

Short answer: you're a foreigner. No amount of degrees, practical work experience, knowledge will help you. Discrimination is rampant although to be fair it's against all foreigners regardless of race. Also, you should inquire about whether you have legal status to work as without it you'd be setting yourself up for a major problem.

Hi Corum with all due respect, I beg to disagree.  Employers here will really base on what you can contribute in skills and knowledge. I should know, I came from a multinational company for 22 years. Now the issue is a foreigner should get a work permit here to be considered.

Worse comes to worst he can't find a job, there are lots of freelance work that one can do remotely (from home); especially IT. I earn on the side building websites from home.

Kate - it sounds like you are better positioned to comment than I am since I've neither worked in the Philippines or looked for work there. Although, I have learned a lot about the culture while there over the past 3+ years. I've also talked with quite a few disillusioned expats who have voiced similar observations.

Where are you from originally?

Hi Corum, I am from the Philippines though with British blood. but I have met several foreigners who worked here, though of course, they needed work permits.  I also had a friend (from South Carolina, may his soul rest in peace) who moved here and what he did was freelance and worked from home since he wanted to retire here. 

I remember 6 years ago, someone from Iowa i know was considering moving here, he forwarded to me his resume just to test the waters with career possibilities.  I submitted his resume on his behalf and within the first working hour, I got a call from the company here asking for that person from Iowa!  Of course he wasn't ready yet so, off the opportunity went..but that was encouraging for him. :)

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It is easier for foreign nationals to have career opportunities if you are already here.

Should I read from your response that you're a headhunter?

Me Corum? Not at all, just saying there are opportunities here. I have my own business, it is in my profile.

Are you referring to me, Corum? I am not a recruiter. I work for a business consulting firm who happens to offer recruitment services that is why I know a bit of how it works since I talk and coordinate with employees under our recruitment department. :)


I want to live in phillipines Manila It is difficult to get a job there.

Even if you are here Maro, i don't think its easy to find a work.

splouvier :

Even if you are here Maro, i don't think its easy to find a work.

My nephew here, graduated near the top of his class with a degree in computer science and is having a hard time finding a decent job.

He is currently working for a call center in Manila if that tells you anything.

Yes it is NOT easy to find a GOOD job in the Philippines.


The biggest mistake a person could make is thinking they can come here and find a job to support a lifestyle to which they were accustomed to elsewhere. Good Luck

I agree with RodBoud - not only that, but 6 workdays a week are expected in higher positions for half the pay in the West.  And if one wants the same food and items like where he comes from, he will pay dearly. (same applies to Pinoys which want their favorite Senorita Sardinas abroad, they can get them, but pay $ instead of Piso)
So settle for local food ingredients (it helps to know how to cook), drive small Japanese cars, a 200cc motorbike, live in a simple apartment/house and then one can live quite well actually.
Not to mention the maid, laundry woman, gardener, driver which one can also afford here. (except a Millionaire perhaps)

And then test and check out the live here really thoroughly, preferably when not in love with a Pinay, as this will most likely put pink shades on your eyes.#

For jobs check out and also foreign companies which are established in the Philippines. Simply write them if they need anyone. (with your expertise) You be surprised how good the responses can be.

thank you for have been written. it is a good

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