Looking for Musicians to form a Blues Band in Cebu Philippines.

I am looking for a professional Drummer that can keep up with the old blues tunes as listed below. Also looking for Horns and rhythm guitarists. Once the band forms we will play the big hotels and private parties. Your leader is a Blues Guitarist from Texas with 45 years experience, He has opened shows for the Temptations, B.B. King, Little Feat, and played lead guitar for Edgar Winter and Percy Sledge (When a Man loves a Woman). You will need to relocate to Cebu to start a rewarding career in Music. I will be playing bass guitar.


1-Before You Accuse Me - Eric Clapton
2-Bo Diddley - Bob Seger
3-Further On Up The Road - Eric Clapton
4-I'm Tore Down - Eric Clapton
5-Ain't No Sunshine - The Neville Borthers
6-Hound Dog - Elvis Presley
7-The Twist - Chubby Checker
8-Woolly Bully - Sam The Sham & Pharaohs
9-The Joker - Steve Miller Band
10-Bad Moon Rising - Creedance Clearwater Revival
11-Proud Mary - Creedance Clearwater Revival
12-House of the Rising Sun - Animals
13-Let It Be - Beatles
14-Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd
15-The Police - Every Breath you take
16-Bony Moronie - Johnny Winter
17-My Girl - Temptations
18-Susie Q - Creedance Clearwater Revival
19-One Way Out - The Allman Brothers Band
20-Polk Salad Annie - Tony Joe White
21-Pride and Joy - Stevie Ray Vaughan
22-A Hard Days Night - Beatles
23-Sea Of Love - Phil Phillips
24-Shaky Ground - Delbert McClinton
25-Texas Flood - Stevie Ray Vaughan
26-Treat Her Right - Roy Head
27-Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison
28-When it Comes to You - Dire Straits
29-Last Kiss 1961 Wayne Cochran
30-Mary Had a Little Lamb - Stevie Ray Vaughan
31-Crossroads - Cream
32-Just Got Paid - ZZ Top
33-Blue Jean Blues - ZZ Top
34-Sitting on the dock of the bay - Otis Redding
35-T For Texas
36-Down On The Corner - Creedance Clearwater Revival
37-Gimme Three Steps
38-If Tomorrow Never Comes
39-Lay Down Sally
40-Tore Down - Freddy King
41-Scuttle Button - Stevie Ray Vaughan 0% also


why do you play guitar bass and not guitar??
i m a guitarist here in france and start to think about an expatriation in phils. i dont know if in phils we can win a life whith music...

The right kind of music here along with the right connections can go big. The older social lights like the 50s, 60s and 70s music not what 99% of the bands here are playing including the band I manage. Then we use a professional and semi-famous guitarist as the lead and you have the makings of a successful band. I'm talking 20,000 Pesos and up per show 100,000 a week. I play bass guitar since 1976 I am from Fort Worth Texas and Richare Peltier from the Beaumont Texas has been playing guitar since 1967 and is very good. He has 5 albums out and his band Dickie and the Tornadoes lasted 30 years.

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You should post an advert in the jobs in Cebu section. It is more appropriate.

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thanks for ur answer.

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should I post it in Jobs or will that be deleted also.

Hello CharlesHarman, don't see your advert, I invite you to post it again in the section Jobs in Cebu.;)


Hello!! My name is Theodore I'm 27 years old  guitar player and i'm sending you from Greece! I have a blues funky rock n roll band here called The Boogie Sinners & I'm considering very seriously in moving for a while (or for along time...!), especially after August to America, in order to play in a touring band there with the simillar genre as mine.
I'm influenced by guitar players like: Chuck Berry. Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King. Magic Slim and I love playing rock n roll funk and all these wonderful kind of bluesy n rollin stuff!!! :-)
Here are some videos from our band here in wich I play rythm and solo.I know my sound very well so I can adjust it with the rest of the band preety quick ...please if you re interested of my playing, DON'T CONSIDERED THE FACT THAT I WILL BE COMING FROM ABROAD!! The only thing that I;m asking is to be with people who love this music as much as I do and playing enough paid gigs every week...and if it's possible...EVERY DAY!!
Thank you very much for your time! hope to hear from you soon! Please respond to my email...

Hhhhhmmm...its about time somebody plays jazz and blues here in my city. Please update me on when and where you guys will be playing. I'd love to listen to your selections.


We are playing in Pooc Talisay on the beach every sunday at 2:00 PM we are in a covered building just a few feet from the ocean. We will be adding a new member soon playing the sax he is from Houston Texas, I am from Fort Worth and Richard the lead guitarist is from Beaumont Texas thus :The Texas Hurricanes" we are strictly a Blues band. Here's a video of us playing: :cool:

@Charlesharman, thanks for the info. Oh gosh, Im located smack in the middle of cebu city near Ayala. Lol! I'm clueless on how to get there.

No gigs in the city? Let me know if something comes up.

Send my your email and I will send you a map with photos on how to find it. basically its.
Go through the CSCR Tunnel heading south towards Talisay, Stay on the Cebu South Coastal Road. go all the way down past the New SM they are building, keep going all the way down past two Talisay left turn sighs, don't turn there. Go all the way down to you see the construction for the new Talisay City Hall has a fence with stuff painted on it. You turn left at Pooc road directly next to the construction site and at a traffic light. If you miss this turn you will end up at a "T" intersection just make a U-Turn and go back to the first street and light you see and go right. On Pooc go all the way down you will pass 2 new sub divisions on your right don't make any turns until you are almost at the ocean, then you see a small sign pointing to the left it is down past the Vicenta A Manrial Elementary school which is on your right keep streight until you see the sign. You really can't go streight there anyway it's buildings. When you make this turn you should see two white posts in a gravel clearing across from the old city hall on your right, go in there, go through the trees and to the left and keep on until you get to a person collecting 10 pesos for access to the beach, find a place to park, You should come in you swimming suit so you can go into the ocean. We are in a building near the water, you can't miss it for the band playing. If you can sing we do karaoke every Sunday also. Does not have to be the Blues the keyboardist knows a lot of popular songs. Again I do have a Goggle Earth map I made of the area. here's an online map for South Cebu City and Pooc, Talisay. … CAYQ8gEwAA

Hi my name is Joy. Are you in a band right now in Cebu playing blues still? Would you be interested to work regularly and if you do how often can you work a week? Im interested to find a place to open up a bar/restaurant in Cebu but I need a band to play every night. Would that be possible? What are the diff. instrument that your band plays? Or not do you know of anybody blues band that plays ? Pls let me know . thanks a lot . Pls e mail me.  Joy

Yes Joy,

This is very possible, we are just now beginning to form a new band. I have an American Drummer, American Trumpet Player, Me on Bass and I am an American, still looking for a guitarist though the one i had decided not to make the move here. He or she can be Filipino / Filipina... and I may have a Filipina keyboardist...


This was my first band here in the Philippines, actually it was Richards Band, however he has returned to Texas.
Then I had a second band that lasted a short while until the lead singer quit said it was too far for him to travel daily...

Hi Michael ! Thanks for the info. I hope that you will be successful forming your band. We are planning a vacation in Dec. this year and I hope I get to see you and your band perform. My son plays harmonica and strictly blues. He would love to play with u when we go there in Dec.We love blues music. My son has 2 good harp teacher one japanese guy Shoji who is in a band called Eddie Clearwater. And his other harp teacher is Billy Branch . They are all from Chicago and pretty famous here. I don't know if you've  heard of any of these guys but they are pretty good and they get invited to play in Europe and also during the Blues feast here in Chicago every summer. My son is a pretty good harp player and you can see him on you tube. I wanted to promote the blues music in Cebu cause  I don't think filipinos really appreciate it. If you know of a good place in Cebu to open up a bar/restaurant in a very nice location pls let me know.Hope we can get the blues going.
Thanks.  Joy

can i join ur band im aldren from cebu city. im playing guitar and needed band mates

Hello! I have seen your post and I'm trying my luck if perhaps you're still looking for a singer? I really am interested and I'd be more than happy to show you some covers. I am also very willing to learn,  I do hope to hear from you soon!

Are you still in Cebu? We are musicians .. My husband is from Nevada but we are performing in China at the moment and looking forward to go home soon to form a band. I'm a Latin- jazz soul singer.. Husband is a guitarist and used to be a bass player way back in Nevada. We've just been home last month and will be finishing our contract and go back home. We've performed here for 13 years in different 5 star hotels and cruise ships  and needs a much friendly environment for a change... I know some musicians in Cebu who worked with me before... Our number at home is 4162268. Will be home by Next month.


Hi Joy,
  I found your post thread on this website. I'm from Cebu and my husband is from Nevada. We at both musicians. I have 2 properties in Cebu, one in the city and another in the south. I'm looking for an investor who might be interested to rent. The property in the south is a piece of land facing the Badian,Cebu. It ahs an area of 4,115 square meters, still undeveloped. If you or some friends find interest to rent and develop contact me thru email prestige_bands[at] or number 0063 e32 4162268. My mobile number in China is 0086 13816057720.

Best regards,

@ Gemma > Do note that your post about finding an investor for your properties is off topic here as this thread concerns the musicians.

I will advise you to post your ad in the Housing section or to contact some real estate agencies, here is a small list : … al-estate/

Thank you,

Priscilla  :cheers:

Hi Charles, have you found anyone for your advertised position yet?

I am an ex drummer from Australia playing mainly jazz but could be interested.

Now living in Cebu

Let me know,  thanks


Hi, im gaudenz from cebu I like to join your band like a drummer...


Be in the band with such a great experience in music is a big opportunity. ;) can I have an audition ?

I'm looking to put a blues band together here in Manila, or Tagaytay Area, Cavite. I'm a blues harp player, singer from New York. I've been in a lot of bands. Just moved here 5 years ago. My wife just passed away, so I want to keep myself busy. I've been playing blues over 50 years, harp longer, singing longer than I've played harp. Always have been a lead singer, front man of Rock and Blues bands. If you find some musicians who can't move and might be in my neighborhood I would appreciate it if you could forward them to me. I will do the same for you too.

thanks much,

Dick Triller

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Hi ,,,my name is g,j, williams ,,I'm an australian male 57 yrs old ....I have been a muso since I have been shitting yellow ....guitar ,,vocals ,,prucution,,,,,I'm living in cebu ..I have been here one year ,,,,I'm retired now ,,,but I have supported and played with many a band ,,,I prefer 50/60/70 ....I'm shit boarded ....I'm also sponsored by many companies in aust ,,,,,all my instruments are in storage at my property in Tasmania aust ,,,but that is no prob ......if your intersted call me ,,,xxx... With respect ,,,,,don't fxxk with me can also see me on my web site    mrgregs3,,,,,,I'm also a teacher and a televion identity

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Hey dude! Not in Cebu, but in Manila< Luzon......singing and playing harmonica for over 45 years...From New York, USA originally. Have had many bands.......can't find any locals who want to hook up......wife just passed away, so I'm up for anything.....Not moving down south though...Out of the question...but, good luck to you and let me know if you steer up here where it tends to be a bit safer...........

Been playing Rock and Blues for decades.....lead singer in many bands.....still have it, won't ever let it go! Surfing is a passion as well.........retired, living in the Philippines for about 6 years......have a house, setup pretty good up here....take care.....

Hi are you still looking for a singer?


I am a singer, harmonica player and seasoned performer.....looking for a blues band with rock influences who can support, and like playing with harmonica players. JGeils, Paul Butterfield, Charlie Musselwhite are some of the classic musicians and their songs I enjoy doing. As well as originals... I live in Tagaytay area....Tanthoms is a local place where they have blues, and acoustic jams, blues and rock here in Tagaytay. about 1.5hrs outside of Manila.....resort area.

My name is Oscar originally from Arizona living in Cebu. I am a bilingual English/Spanish vocalist with many years of performing experience playing standards and oldies I played drums and congas in Seattle restaurants and lounges and continued to perform as a single using tracks. My styles range from Sinatra to George Streight to Lou Rawls and other Latin genres. I am an old rocker from the 60's as well.
I would enjoy hearing from you if you feel I could be of some use to your band. I am a team player without an ego or ax to grind.
You can hear my chords at The cd is in Spanish, however, I do sing in English and Italian. ( ( I studied Italian at the U of W)
I can be reached at viber or WhatsApp, **
I am familiar with a number of your songs.
Thank you,

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We are interested in talking to Cebu based bands at the Travellers Restobar in Mandaue

We have a regular band spot on a Friday night

We also have a regular singer/guitarist on Thursday and Saturday nights

Please email Gretel via email at Gretel[at] if you would like to arrange an audition for your band.

Or just come to the travellers restobar in the J Mall Center to listen to some great music on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights



U contact me i know musician,  he is irani , living bicol

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