Business Opportunities in Philippines

I am looking for jobs in Philippines and also I have some ideas to invest with small amount. There are some options I come up with after I discuss with my friends in Philippines;

1. Car Wash near a car body shop.
2. Small Convenient Store

The business will be under my friend's name ( Filipina ) and I will invest around 5000usd.

Do you have any other business ideas that can be started with small amount.


Hi Arthas! My name is Ross Madrid, a Filipino. Looking for job here is easy for expat with Bachelor's degree but the pay is not so much. Definitely you can land one no doubt about that. Carwash business is not good for expat. You need to be hands-on 16/7 or else you will lose a lot of pennies. Convenient store is a good angle but your capital is not enough. It is evolving within a disruptive market now and your dough ain't enough to compete with big players e.g., 7/11, mini-stop, family mart, mercury etc. This is where you can cash in. The food chain industry is a cash register machine 24/7. What you need to do is to cut quick cash out of this. Your cash is worth enough here. How? Hoffa! PM me if you are interested.

Hello Mr. Arthas! I'm Maro Bautista. First thing is first, you must have your business registered with the government agencies before operating. I think if you are going to invest that USD 5,000, you should invest in something more stable that a car wash and not as common as a convenient store. Try something like a food cart situated inside malls where your cart will be exposed.

Hi Sir!  Kindly visit my website **  we are looking for retailers and business partners in the Philippines....W e can meet up in our office to further discuss with you about the business. You may e mail me **

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Hello everyone,

@ mitzlopez,

You can also drop and ad in the Business partners classifieds in the Philippines section of the website if you are looking for business partners in Philippines.


You you can take a franchise of US based Multinational Company dealing in IT based Communication Technology Products, they are already present in Cebu and Manila. Company Support  is available in all Asian Countries, initially you can start with investment as low as $250...

bye take care

Why don't you try a loading business for any  telecommunication network, airline ticketing, bills payment for a very minimal amount of capital. That's all in one! If interested please inbox me... I live in Cebu City.

This is a plausible option too since there is a great need for this. But I think he's have to adjust his budget.

I cannot help you . Amalso looking to see whati can do in the Philippines
I am currently based in Spain
Would love to do something in Cebu
I realise youalways need a Philippino partner if you want to do something over their

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