Looking for advice & partner in cebu for starting small business.

Hello, I am Hardik I am basically from Australia, I visited Cebu  few months ago and I found out really interesting. People are very friendly and they do business even out side of their house selling stuff or food..

I want to start small business in Cebu or near lapu lapu city, I prefer to have business like every day cash flow. such as food stall, taxi business, etc..

kindly suggest me any other business with capital of 50,000 peso with good earning opportunity. Also if any one have strong idea and good income return can join me in business..

thanks and looking forward for your reply. you can reach me

50,000 pesos to start a business? Are you serious???

You might benefit from a larger initial investment if you're serious about staying for awhile.  I'm looking at similar options so would be interested to hear your thoughts.

Hello. Unfortunately not sure about what business to start at 50k. I have my friends there and we are planning to start a coffee /dessert shop as its booming around the city but other than that I cannot advice any other ideas. Taxi ain't a good one coz the last time I know it has been hard to get a franchise thingy to start a taxi business. You also have to be hands-on on your business as much as possible coz it's so rare to find an honest stranger to man your place.

Hi thanks for your feedback,  I want to know more about business can we talk on imo..

50,000 pesos isn't enough to start any serious business. If you are serious and have serious money a Grab car business is an option.

Thanks for your reply

true, 50k  is not enough to have a business, but if you want, you may have your online shop or buy a good laptop and use it for freelance job. there are a lot of freelance job and if you're good enough, you may earn up to 40-60k/month

Good point about the internet. My wife started with 50K and now makes a lot of money.

Hi thanks for your advice,  what kind of online business can I do and regarding freelance job. It's hard to do freelance job. I have good typing speed but there is no job for this.. I want minimum 30k income each month.

well , actually there are a lot of job though... like.. translation, if you're good in other language.. if you have marketing skills, they have a lot of jobs for that too. or data entry.. you may find it at freelancer(dot)com, sribulancer(dot)com etc
or, you can be a freelancer writer like buzzfeed, they will pay you if you have a certain amount of views. i do too, i'm a freelancer writer in several Indonesia's website like buzzfeed and freelancer translator in freelancer(dot)com, just sit in front of the tv and my laptop, then i'll have extra incomes. :)

Thanks for your kind information can we talk on imo n discuss more for any other opportunities u can guide me.

I have been to the Philippines once, stayed for 3 months and had a look around. It is my understanding that trying to do retail is absolutley a no go.
There is the potential to find a wonderful Filipino wife, and stay in the Philippines. That gives me a few more rights and privilidges, and have her open a food service operation, which is a pretty broad spectrum from a small street service thing to a full blown bar in a place like Borocay, (which I did not like) found it to be a dump.
Of course our financial investment would have to be small, but enough to give us a living there.
I am also looking into a water purification business. They have those every 2-3 blocks in Legaspi.
Be prepared, everything is very corrupt, and we will be viewed as vultures for a while.
Let me know your thoughts

Hello Hardik,

did you find someone for your business ideas right now. ?
I’m thinking about the same thing same place...


Why not, I think it depends on the business.

Starting a business in the Philippines as a foreigner with 50K pesos....hahaha

I started with 24kinvestment (I bought my first scooter 2 years ago). I have now 12bikes, 4 laundries and 2 pesonets...
Of course be with locals and learn the language fast! But trust me 50k is more than enough if you are  clever and hard working.

I think your budget is not enough.
You can get a foodcart with that 50k but I dont think those can be successful.

Hardik 50,000 peso capital ? advise keep saving

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