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Looking for internship opportunities in Cambodia? Find out, in this article, what are the conditions to be met and the most promising sectors.

Year after year, many foreigners move to Cambodia, seeking professional expertise. In fact, the country offers various internship opportunities to qualified foreigners in different fields. Despite being in a transitional status, from that of an underdeveloped country to a country with a bright economic future, Cambodia may be an ideal destination for those seeking expertise in particular fields in a different environment with multicultural lifestyles.

Indeed, following the genocide in which more than two million people were killed in the 70s, Cambodia seems to be resolutely turned towards the future, rebuilding its people's culture and lifestyle. But if you wish to move there, take the time to inquire on conditions regarding internships as well as on the sectors which are more open towards foreigners.


You will need a business visa to be allowed to perform an internship in Cambodia. This visa costs some US$ 35 and is valid for 30 days. But if your internship program is to last for several months, you can opt for an E-class business visa which can be extended for different periods: three months, 6 months, one year. Note that you are not required to leave the country between each extension.

 Good to know:

The cost of living in Cambodia is the lowest in the whole South-East Asian region. Hence, you will need an average of US$ 100 to US$ 200 dollars per month for rent and about US$ 20 a month for your electricity bills. In terms of food, you will need an average of US$ 1 for a quick meal and an average of US$ 2 to US$ 10 dollars in a restaurant.

Promising sectors

You are more likely to find an internship in the following fields: education, human rights, health care and youth development.

Education is a key sector in Cambodia, especially due to the country's hard past. In fact, many NGOs are currently providing assistance, mainly to professional and students who need to learn English. These also provide assistance to Cambodian teachers thanks to their qualifications and skills.

Since corruption is very present in Cambodia, at least from the Western perspective, human rights are an important aspect of daily life. Hence, volunteering is very helpful, especially due to the fact that prostitution, child labor, human and sexual trafficking are still quite widespread in the kingdom.

Health care is another promising sector for medical students in particular as the country hosts many hospitals and clinics. Those who wish to perform an internship in the public para-medical sector can also benefit from special programs.

Finally, you are the most welcome in the field of youth development in a country where 50% of the population is less than 25 years old. The objective is to help them build and consolidate their youth with appropriate skills.

Find an internship

Your internship search in Cambodia will probably be oriented towards Phnom Penh, the capital city. However, you might be surprised by the number of opportunities that are available in some rural regions, especially for those involved in the health care and education fields. But these skills are also in great demand in bigger and major cities, especially if you speak English.

If you prefer to work with NGOs, you will most probably be specializing in human rights, international development, elimination of landmines and conservation, etc. Make sure to apply for the internship in a timely manner as the rainy season starts in July to end in September. However, businesses are not likely to close down during that period. So rest assured!

Note that, to date, there is no specific regulation regarding internships in Cambodia. Hence, any student or young professional can apply for a business visa to be authorized to perform an internship there. For more information, please refer to the article “Visas for Cambodia”.

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