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Wondering what to do during your free time in Dakar? Here is an overview of leisure activities available in the capital city.

If you are moving to Senegal, to Dakar in particular, you will probably be there to work. But you will definitely have time for yourself and for your family. No worries! You are not likely to get bored in Dakar as the city provides various leisure activities for foreigners, just like major European cities. In fact, there is something for everyone, no matter your age and budget.

Hence, you can enjoy exhibitions, music, dance, crafts, sport, etc., all year round.


If you would like to practice sports in Dakar, you can choose among the following: frisbee, biking in the bush, stand up paddle, tennis, aquatic sports such as surfing, fishing, diving, swimming, as well as skateboarding, rollerblading, among others. You can also attend sports events such as English boxing, Capoeira, Taiji Quan, Quigong, judo, weight-lifting, and even horse racing.

Finally, you can register for aerobics or fitness classes, as well as social and Afro-Latin dance classes.

Arts and culture

Dakar is also world famous in terms of arts and culture. You can enjoy music, theater, painting, mosaic, African dance, percussion, movie nights, etc. Dakar is indeed an active and vibrant city, hosting many cinema halls, theaters and many other venues. Contemporary art, through the famous Dak'art!, will also delight you if you can appreciate African artists' love and admiration for arts. You can also enjoy African art workshops and exhibitions,

Furthermore, feel free to register for mentoring and bridging classes, Senegalese cuisine courses or even to language classes so as to learn Wolof, Spanish, French. Visual arts, choir, pottery, Mah-Jong, Scrapbooking, are also easily accessible.


Dakar is often criticized for its lack of movie theaters. As a matter of fact, numerous cinema halls closed down in the early 2000s. However, many have gradually re-opened and local authorities have announced a budget of several billions of CFA to renovate them. Cinema lovers can enjoy many African and Francophone movies there.

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