Getting married in Dakar Senegal.

I am getting married in Dakar Senegal in January. My fiance is originally from there but was living in France the past few years. We will be going to Dakar to get married but I really do not understand the process. Number one what is a" bans" and how do we post them? secondly, we just want to have a civil ceremony at the town hall. Do I need to reserve a time to get married or do they preform civil services on certain days/ hours? Any help would be great !


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I moved your topic on the Dakar forum. Hopefully expats who got married in Senegal/Dakar can share their experience with you.

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Thank you!


I'll be getting married in dakar too! Later in the year - 2017. I'm getting confused with cultural marriages/ civil, wondering if there are any differences? Do let me know if you've managed an answer !!

Would love to know more about the process.


Congratulations to you! I'll let you know what I end up having to do!

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