LOOPHOLE on need 6mths on your passport to enter

US embassy just alerted me to this rule and they checking with immigration it still stands:  not sure link permitted but can find the order searching the immigration website - basically if yo a visa free country AND your embassy here will process a new passport, you can get on a plane and come.


Why complicate things? Just renew the passport before you leave. The process will be alot quicker in your home country than at your Embassy. Here in the UK I renewed mine last year online. It took 3 working days and miraculously when it was delivered by courier had changed colour from burgundy red to dark blue :)
I renewed mine on line from here, the new passport arrived in 7 working days via DHL.
4 days online god bless the Queen 😀
Yeh I got mine done online in the UK also to save haste. One word of caution on the six month rule though  and I am not sure it applies to all countries but if you renewed your old passport early and have longer than ten years on it, I don't think that extra time counts.
it doesn't apply to all countries. 

The reason is US backlog and minor passport, they will not do emergency here before fam leaves next week as son can get HOME, but once home only one parent and huge backlog and inconvenience of having to go into a city and in do in person with an affidavit notarized here, all to get....an emergency passport. 

So if not an issue coming in on a passport with 5/12 months left, that a solution.  Also may be solution for others if caught out on the 6 mth rule at last minute - been doing this for 29 years, first time caught on wrong side of it all as yes usually always do early but Covid just not had all those travel moments where you reminded of the expiration date, etc....

So far PRA had no clue and doesn't appear to want to try to confirm, US Embassy I think will get back.

it already only the PLAN B, as I will get the damn affidavit, etc., etc., and hopefully emergency in US wfie have to travel in, etc., will get it...note the wait time in USA for a regular passport renewed is insane right now.  Massive backlog.
So there you go - if ever SSRV and caught out on the wrong side...BUT good luck convincing x.y.z to let you board the plane!!

Good day!
This pertains to your email coursed through the Bureau of Immigration ([email protected]) and the same was referred to our office today.
Please be informed that the six-month validity rule is generally intended for temporary visitors/tourists.
Thus, if your son is a holder of a valid  Special Resident Retiree's Visa (SRRV), he may be allowed entry into the country for as long as his passport is valid at the time of travel.
Hope we have addressed your concern.
Thank you.

to add DATA for anybody that may benefit.

SSRV office said 6 months validity, US embassy DC said 6 months validity, clearly the immigration department, NOT embassy or Retirement Authority, knows their own regs and it NOT 6 months BUT do you want to gamble "Doris" at checkin counter in o'hare, etc., will agree with the email (from official NAIA Immigration office email) and rule...

End of the day, KEEPING the US Embassy engaged they reversed themselves and we went in today and got an emergency one year passport even though he COULD get back to USA on it

From entry to walking OUT with passport UNDER AN HOUR...they absolutely bent the rules for us, likely as the Foreign Service officers understood the issue that we not tourists and need to be back for son's school AND with only one parent flying to USA, etc., and backllog in USA..

So example of US Foreign Service at the end of the day, came through for its Citizen.

AND that Philippines really just not willing to bother to get answer from their own immigration even when given scan and link for the ORDER that 6 months not required.  I sent them the email and told them they should update themselves.
4 days online god bless the Queen 😀
- @kevin4586

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@PhilRes i I read your post. Just want to ask if it's true that the OPERATIONS ORDER NO. 2015-026 still applicable now? We are going to Philippines and my husband hast only 5 months and 20 days valid passport but he is a Venezuelan citizen and we will be there for only 29 days. You think we can still embark the plane? Thanks!

What I know is that most countries allow you to RENEW your passport well *within its validity period & recommended you do so 9 months ahead of its expiry.
Why would one take a risk in travelling overseas with a foreign passport with <6mths validity?
What I know is that most countries allow you to RENEW your passport well *within its validity period & recommended you do so 9 months ahead of its expiry.
Why would one take a risk in travelling overseas with a foreign passport with <6mths validity?
- @manwonder
I suppouse its allowed too, as in many countries, to get EXTRA passport UNDEPENDING of how long time its left at the other. 
(Because some people travel at different passports to different countries because e g of not geting in trouble by have been to a country with hostile relation to the country to visit. As e g Israel and several arab countries.)