SRRV Expanded Courtesy Visa

I have a question. I served in the U.S. military for 6 years. I have an honorable discharge and a DD-214; but I am not considered retired military. However, I am now retired from working and I am collecting Social Security. The amount far exceeds the necessary $1000. (I also have two retirement accounts that have done well, if that makes a difference.) My question is this: Am I eligible for the SRRV Expanded Courtesy Visa? Thank You!

I'm in a similar situation Duke so I emailed that question to my local BI. The girl there has been great at answering my other questions so hopefully she will get back to me with the answer.

I'll be needing to know the same sort of thing. The closest BI to me will be in Dumaguete City.

Do me a favor, friend? If you hear anything, please post here? I asked my marketer and I'll will also pass the word on what I learn.

No reply yet but if you go by the policy the way it's printed it is only for "retired Armed Force officers".

"For foreign nationals, 50 years old & above, who are retired Armed Force officers of foreign countries with existing military ties and/or agreement with the Philippine Government. A monthly pension of at least US$1,000.00 and an SRR Visa deposit of US$1,500.00 are required. The SRR Visa deposit includes the principal applicant and 2 dependents. Additional dependent, entails additional SRR Visa deposit of US$15,000 each (except for former Filipinos). CHILDREN must be legitimate or legally adopted by the Principal Retiree, unmarried and below 21 years old upon joining the program."

It's not limited to officers, but for all personnel, as long as there is DD214 and at least 2 y of active duty.
DD214 will be pre-evaluated by PRA, because of some misunderstandings.

25% of my wife's clients are former military and they  have gotten their SRRV or an EED to finish their application process here in the Philippines.

I believe it is your partner I am working with. I also seen her video on this topic on her YouTube channel stating all that is needed is a DD-214 and a retirement income of minimum $1000. More Googling led me to see others stating you just need to be a vet with an honorable discharge. They said retired is retired is retired, whether you retired as a member of the armed forces or not. There seems to be some confusion here. Although I am prepared and capable of the $10,000 SRRV deposit, it sure would be nice not to have to do this.

If you working with my wife already then you are in the best possible hands. I am certain that if you meet the conditions set by the government and executed by the PRA, you will be fine.

We live adjacent to the PRA office and my wife has the best and most up-to-date information. She doesn't make the rules, the Government does. She offers assistance, without charging for the extra work she does. By now she has a long list of successful applications via the EED route and has been awarded as one of PRA's top marketers.


Yes, MR emailed me and asked me to send her my DD-214. She wants to have a look at it. I am still unsure if I qualify for the expanded courtesy SRRV or will I have to go after the Classic SRRV. That was my main question which is still unanswered. It has been a few decades since I have seen my DD-214.  I have put in a request to to obtain a new copy and I am waiting for it.

So far, it has been a rewarding experience working with your wife. I am so looking forward for my new life to begin in the Philippines.

I think your question can be answered when PRA has seen your document.
There have been problems so they have added another layer of bureaucracy.

Thanks for that reply. I will get my DD-214 to MR as soon as my slow government can get a copy to me.

Wasn't the SRR Visa program suspended in October 2019 period.  There was massive fraud from the Chinese and Koreans.   If any one can prove different please post. Thanks JIM

Reinstated last year for over 50s.

The abuse was from Chinese in the 35+ age group.  Koreans not an issue.

Can you show me the link/proof it was reinstated and how to apply thanks JIM

Here is a link to the Philippine Retirement Authority. I would suggest finding a marketer to work with. They will assist you in gathering all documents needed and answering all questions. The marketers are paid by the PRA and should be of no cost to you. Most of the work needs to be done in your country of origin but your SRRV will only be granted in the Philippines. There is an exemption visa open for SRRV applicants. (That is what I am seeking now.)

Thanks when did the exemption get put in to law as the SRR Visa was suspended in Oct 2020 I was off on the date, Thanks


I am not sure exactly when the exemption was put in law, perhaps it was September 2021. I do know it is a thing as I am working with a marketer now trying to obtain one.

If the current plans stand then you can come into the PI as a tourist starting on the 10th. Then you can have your marketer work on your SRRV. Remember not to start the process directly with the PRA as then you have to pay a marketer instead of the PRA paying.

@emvaningen, how do I get in touch with your wife for my SRRV questions?

See pm
I did an expanded courtesy SRRV. I am a vet, USAF, not retired from the military. I came to the PI last June and applied for the SRRV on Feb 22 of this year. I had to get an NBI clearance and the medical here. MR informed me the SRRV was approved at the end of March and I picked it up a few days later. If you don't have the apostatized documents required you can sign an affidavit to submit them within a year. police clearance from the US (I did the FBI online for $18), DD-214 and for me, my SS Benefits Statement). I used Mary Rose [email protected] of VAN INGEN MANAGEMENT. I have my own printer so she sent me the forms to complete. Any questions just let me know.
I recommend Mary Rose as well. Very professional and knows the PRA system.
Mary Rose is mentioned by Steve Johnson on his YT channel "Philippine Info Channel". He holds her in high regard, as she had helped many of his subscribers navigate thru the SRRV process.

@pilotdrh  How did you get an apostle on your SS statement. There is no signature by a SS officer. The state dept won't apostle. The SS office in Manila refuse to notorized anything. I hit a brick wall. I am disillusioned by this visa. I already put out 170,000 pesos and looks like I won't be able to keep it....more money lost to the BS in this country.

@pilotdrh  How did you get an apostle on your SS statement. There is no signature by a SS officer. The state dept won't apostle. The SS office in Manila refuse to notorized anything. I hit a brick wall. I am disillusioned by this visa. I already put out 170,000 pesos and looks like I won't be able to keep it....more money lost to the BS in this country.

- @Munchie
Not to but in. . . . . .
How about the annual statement from SS on how much they paid you or copies of your ss direct deposited into your bank account?


May i know for what you spent 170k?

I have a feeling that yiu can be helped. Pm me if interested.

@emvaningen hi, thanks for your reply. My cost so far. $1600 to PDB. $1400 application Fee. $360 to pay marketer in my area. Total $3360 @ 50  peso exchange rate back in the day = 168,000 pesos. Approved Oct 29 2020. I got in just before the pause. The money I spent on medical, NBI etc brings me over the top of 170,000 pesos. Thank you again.

@Enzyte Bob Yes Bob, they have seen my SS statement and a letter from BPI showing pension deposits. However, they do seem to insist on an apostilled statement. I contacted an apostle service in Washington DC and the lady said The State Department won't accept that statement from SS because it bears no name, signature or legal capacity (job description). And will just throw it back. My card comes up for it's second renewal soon, I guess I'ma wait and see where it goes. My marketer told me don't worry about it, apostles are not needed for extended courtesy visas.


Thank you.

Forgive me if i misunderstood something.

I always get a bit upset when i read about marketers charging. Marketers should not charge any fee because they get paid by PRA. I can't see how much you paid your marketer, the 360 is the yearly fee for your PRA membership.
If you have a competent accredited marketer, he should have helped with your apostille problem.
Not having an apostilled ss document is not a reason to delay the issuance of SRRV.


@emvaningen  This guy charges $360. I actually walked away from SRRV in 2019 because at the bank to withdraw all the funds, he told me I needed to pay him $360 plus an undisclosed fee for a quarantine fee. It was during the onset of Covid. I decided to go ahead with the visa in October 2020 because my 3 years was staring me in the face and obviously, I didn't want to leave the country then. I must make it clear that I do have the Visa now, but living in fear of it being withdrawn because I can't seem to get a SS Statement apostle. This is an extended courtesy visa for military service, the annual renewal fee is $10. Plus his generous fee of 4500 to do it for me.  I hope that clears it up my situation to you. Thank you again.

Don't fear for the first year. Thereafter you may have problems extending your ID card, but your visa will not be invalidated just like that.

For renewal of ID cards the fee is normally 1000-2000. I can arrange that for you via my very close contacts.

If I were you, I would report this marketer. Did you have a chance to check if he is bona fide and with valid accreditation ? There are a lot of disonest people out there, unfortunately. Please reply to me using personal message if you wish so. There may be solutions for your apostille, similar or the same as mentioned here already. Don't worry.

@emvaningen Many thanks, I have sent you a private message...

   I just saw your message about the SS benefits letter. I also contacted the Manila FBU about getting a signed letter, useless. I've also contacted my local SS office back in the states and I've also sent emails to the service center requesting a signed letter. Both of them sent me an unsigned letter. The last time I called my local office the woman said I would have to come in to get it. I told her that when I tried to do that the SS offices were closed and now I'm out of the country. I asked her to let me speak to the office manager and she refused. I had also sent off for a new copy of my DD214. They took 6 months but the new one I finally received has a stamp from the National Archives and Records Administration on it. I'll probably try a few more times to get the benefits letter crap before I send off my DD214 and FBI clearance to be apostiled.  Sorry I wasn't so late getting back to you and also not being any help. Oh well.
Just last week I did my SRRV i.d card (SRRV SMILE VISA) renewal via email correspondence with PRA (manila) & as mentioned it can now only be renewed max 1yr. (No agent nor personal appearance was required)

Made an US$370 Interbank Payment at Landbank Surigao City which includes the interbank bank transfer fee of US$5 (a fixed charge) + since I had requested for the new i.d card to be sent directly to me here in Surigao City I topped up another US$5 (actual cost mentioned was only 150p).

Scanned the landbank interbank transfer slip + PRA renewal form & told them to deliver the new card to me in Surigao City via LBC which they told me would take max 4weeks from the time of application.
What did you pay 370$ for? What did I miss. I'll need to change my address on card next year so that's a trip to makati or Clark. I went to marketer first so no fee!
360 yearly membership except for (expanded) courtesy, for whom it is USD10 only.
Yes it's the SRRV "Expanded Courtesy" that you really want to get but which is applicable only to a previlaged few....

As I was not from that previlaged group I had to settle for the next cheapest option which was for me the SRRV "Smile"

However nothing much to really smile about these days.

However nothing much to really smile about these days.......

The world is not getting better. Or did you refer to SRRV specifically?
I had the same problem. I am British and was asked to get an apostised copy of my pension.
I was told the Embassy do this. They do not do pension letters when i enquired.
I found out on the internet that i had to get my pension letter notorised in the UK first then they could get it apostilsed.
There was a company in the UK that did both.
So i presume there is the equivalent service in the USA.

@emvaningen the U.S. government considers you a full fledged US veteran with all basic VA rights/benefits with a two year active duty term, Army, Navy, Airforce and Marines or at least 90+ days active duty during an official war time, Vietnam included as long as you had an "Honorable" Discharge with DD214 as proof!